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Diesel Subsidy is No More

The long speculated end to fuel subsidy is here. Well, almost. The end of blanket diesel subsidy in Peninsular Malaysia comes with trepidation, as the rationalisation is long overdue. Yet, the years of delay in the rationalisation may have structurally weakened the nation's economy. The big-bang approach to rationalise the diesel subsidy too is worrisome, as there may not be adequate room for Malaysian businesses, be they micro-SME or SME, to land on their two legs.

‘Unveiling Uniqueness’ A Platform For Neurodiverse Talents

The pinnacle occasion, Unveiling Uniqueness, celebrates the distinctive quality of each individual and offers them a platform to showcase their diverse gifting and abilities, a testament to their capabilities and an affirmation of their unique talents.

Republican Hopes For American “Red Wave” Dashed By Abortion & Trump

Republicans remained on track to seize control of the U.S. House of Representatives – as had long been predicted – but by narrower margins, than had been forecast.

Floodgates Have Opened With The Jailing of Najib

Najib's jailing shows no PM should be dragged to criminal court for alleged wrongdoing during term of office... Parliament or Court can 'visit' issue/s According...

FBI Raids Florida Home Of Former President Donald Trump

PALM BEACH - Former President Donald Trump said on Monday that FBI agents raided his Mar-a-Lago estate and broke into his safe as part...

The Power of Ignorance

In 2016 after many British voted on the Brexit referendum to leave, many went home to Google about the European Union. They fell for...