The Power of Ignorance

DAP supporters commenting on Cameron Highlands By Election about Najib Razak

In 2016 after many British voted on the Brexit referendum to leave, many went home to Google about the European Union. They fell for the promises that were made by the Tories that it would benefit the British. Now it seems even the Tories didn’t think the British would vote to leave the European Union.

In the US, Trump became president because many Americans didn’t know what he stood for but found that making American great was an attractive proposition.

It is no surprise then to see the comments in the featured photograph DAP supporters claiming that Najib Razak is a candidate at the upcoming Cameron Highland by-election. The Chinese dominated party sold the idea of mass corruption to its supports at a grand scale.

It started off with the accusation of 42 billion RM went missing from the government funded strategic development company that was involved in a scandal. The company undertook debts backed by assets and investments in capital markets. Various audits done concluded that there were no funds missing however the organisation took up a debt rationalisation exercise to pay off outstanding debts.

It did not stop DAP and Mahathir Mohammad who wanted the prime minister Najib Razak to step down. They claimed that money was missing form 1MDB, and Najib was responsible for it as he allegedly stole the money with 2.6 billion RM ending up in his private accounts.

The reality was Najib’s money was a donation from the Saudi King Salman and he had documents to back it. But the damage was done. Together with the blown up scandal and false promises in form of a manifesto Malaysians voted out the Barisan Nasional government on May 9.

Since then there is no talk about the missing 42 billion RM. Najib was charged with money laundering of the donation received in his account and not for theft. It seems suddenly everyone is eager to forget what was accused.

So they were eager too to forget the manifesto promises to the voters. After 100 days of administration of Pakatan Harapan, now prime minister (again) Mahathir Mohammad arrogantly claimed that “manifesto is not a bible”. Malaysians were shocked and angry that they were arrogantly duped. But some still believe in the illusion.

The Chinese dominated DAP still uses 1MDB as an excuse for everything from bad governance to imaginary debts that it claimed was there when they took office. Investor reaction was swift and the country has been on a downward spiral since.

Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”. And thats what happened. 1MDB was a big enough lie that everyone had to believe in it.

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