Survey On Malaysian Diaspora in Australia

Are you an individual of Malaysian origin? (regardless of citizenship), aged 21 and above and have lived in Australia for over 5 years or more? This survey is for you. 

University of Malaya’s Ph.D. candidate Siti Asdiah is conducting research titled: “ Politics and Belongings Among Malaysian Diaspora”.

The purpose of the research is to fill the important research gap by focussing on belonging as determined by international migration rather than economic reasons. The research aims to analyse how the diaspora’s politics in home politics may reveal the meaning of a sense of belonging among Malaysians abroad. 

Survey participants have a chance of winning an AUD50 Target voucher in a lucky draw. 

The survey can be accessed here and needs to be accessed with a Google account.

All information and responses will be kept confidential and will not be made public. 

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