New Malaysia Pandemic Avoids Mistakes Of Incompetent Government

American scientist and systems engineer Dr Shiva Ayyadurai finds no proof that the novel Corona virus exists, he has proof that the pandemic was created by the Swarm and incompetent government, being no wiser, made grave errors!

Commentary And Analysis . . . There’s case for giving other subject matter experts, having alternative views, public hearing on the novel Corona virus brought by the pandemic in 2019 in the form of Covid-19 or Corona Virus Disease 2019 and, if it returns, the new pandemic.

American scientist and systems engineer Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, who admits being untouchable from India as human rights issue, finds no proof that the novel Corona virus exists. He implies there’s proof that the pandemic was created by the Swarm for maximising power, profit and control and incompetent government, being no wiser, made grave errors but learned nothing.

The Swarm has been explained by Dr Shiva in YouTube.

The related vata (transport), pitta (conversion) and kapha (storage) or combinations are explained in the following video.

Dr Shiva believes that the so-called pandemic, if AIDS was discounted, may be the ultimate immune system problem. He advocates strengthening the immune system by getting out in the sun everyday for at least few minutes and taking extremely high doses of certain vitamins, but only for limited time, lest extreme toxicity sets in and causes premature death by persisting.

The mask mandate and social distancing, based on this line of thinking, can only weaken the immune system. The elderly, an exception, may avoid premature death by complying with the mask mandate and social distancing. There are also other SOP (standard operating procedures) like hand washing, hand sanitisation and wearing glasses, and having bath and changing the clothes after returning from town.

New Malaysia Pandemic

The focus, said Dr Shiva, whether the pandemic returns or otherwise, must be on how the four-stage immune system works viz. exposure, infection, recovery and memories. The immune system retains the memories on the previous three stages and thereby protects against future infection.

The immune system, cautions Dr Shiva, loses memories as it ages. So, older people are at risk of getting re-infected and probably dying prematuredly especially if they have undetected underlying health and medical conditions.

Patently, everyone over 40 years old needs regular medical review for treatment, management and control of underlying health and medical issues especially degenerative conditions i.e. those caused by stress and aging. Degenerative conditions progressively get worse. There’s no cure. The medication that prolongs life may, in the end, kill the patient as toxicity levels from the treatment — it’s called side effects — increase.

Malaysia, and the world at large, can keep on the safe side on the so-called pandemic brought in late 2019 by the novel Corona virus. The country must avoid grave errors made by incompetent government — read Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri — on the pandemic before GE15 last November. Muhyiddin reads Mahiaddin in the birth certificate.

Intelligence cannot be measured by IQ tests. They merely tell us how good we are at doing them. Einstein, for example, never took IQ test. He credited day dreaming for the genius. Intelligence remains the ability for learning from mistakes. If there are no mistakes, there’s no learning, and no increase in intelligence. Mistakes can only happen if risks are taken.

Incompetent Government

It’s settled law that repeating the same mistakes all the time may be form of mental illness and/or form of insanity as there’s no learning.

Insanity is legal term, not medical term.

The court can refer allegedly errant party to the nearest medical centre for evaluation and institutionalise him or her for life for keeping the public from harm.

There’s consensus that Malaysia’s economy was badly affected by incompetent government imposing lockdown, movement control order (MCO), and virtually the vaccine mandate at the risk of being terminated at the workplace.

In fact, if shove comes after push, it’s the daily death rate that matters the most in public healthcare management. The cause of death may be inconclusive.

Contagion may be an issue with some conditions like Covid-19. The cases may increase exponentially and outnumber the number of beds available at public healthcare facilities.

In India for example, at the height of the pandemic, those with Covid-19 symptoms were simply given two cylinders of oxygen by government hospitals and chased away. Instead of being hospitalised, as it takes up bed space at the expense of other patients, Covid-19 patients were advised on taking viral medication and resting at home in quarantine for recovery.

In Malaysia, before the pandemic, 678 people died daily compared with 8K daily in US, 24K daily in India and 30K daily in China. The figures are in the public domain. Google: global mortality rates which tells the story on infant mortality, lifespan and premature death.

Five Known Respiratory Symptoms

The jury may no longer be out on so-called vaccine — mRNA — for the symptoms unleashed by the immune system in overreaction, petrified by the perceived aggressiveness of the novel Corona virus in the epithelial cells and lymph nodes.

The known symptoms, all involving the respiratory system, have been categorised as 1 to 5.

It’s about the mathematical directions on the behaviour of forces in nature — read the laws of physics which, on second thoughts, in fact don’t exist — and the universe. Mathematics, for what little it’s worth, does not exist. It’s invention.

1 . . . no symptoms.

2 . . . mild symptoms.

3 . . . pneumonia and breathing difficulties.

4 . . . oxygen support needed.

5 . . . ventilator support needed.

If there’s fibrosis, i.e. hardening of lung cells, the oxygen level drops. The patient risks being dubbed BID i.e. brought in dead. There can be fibrosis of the cardiac muscles too but brought by untreated high blood glucose levels.

PCR tests for the novel Corona virus may read false positive i.e. there’s infection but no virus present or false negative viz. no infection but virus present.

In fact, recovery from the common Flu six months ago can show up in PCR tests as positive for the novel Corona virus.

mRNA Vaccine No Vaccine

In hindsight, the emerging medical and scientific literature shows that the novel mRNA gene therapy for the symptoms, dubbed Covid-19, isn’t vaccine per se. Science has since conceded that it cannot fathom infection. That can only mean that it will never find the Holy Grail i.e. vaccine against infection.

Big Pharma claims that mRNA can moderate the symptoms — read Covid-19 — unleashed by the immune system.

The Hippocratic Oath, taken by all doctors, cautions: “First Do No Harm” or “Primum Non Nocere” in Latin.

We are our own best doctors based on personal experience, the experience of others, reading widely, and getting two or three medical opinion before making decisions on our body. Never let any doctor decide. It’s our body. The doctor isn’t God. In the US, Dr Shiva discovered, 60 per cent of deaths were caused by medical errors.

There are only three microorganisms in nature. They come in the form of virus, bacteria good and bad, and fungi.

Virus isn’t living thing since it has no nucleus and cannot live outside the host body except for four hours after which its fatty layer bursts and it’s no more. There’s nothing that can kill virus since it isn’t living thing but form of intelligence.

Antibiotics can kill bacteria. Good bacteria, if more, can kill bad bacteria.

Otherwise, the course of antibiotics if completed will kill all bacteria. If uncompleted, the bacterial infection will return in two weeks, stronger than ever, and resistant on the previous course of antibiotics. The antibiotics course, if completed, may be followed by bouts of diarrhoea and purging caused by food being considered “bad” and/or food poisoning. The doctor may prescribe pre-biotics and probiotics.

Traditional Remedies

Yoghurt and rasam, traditional remedies for the guts where the immune system begins, may help.

There are creams for fungus problems. Diabetics may attract fungus attacks. They lie in spores carried by the dust-laden air.

We know from scientific and medical literature that the human body of seven trillion cells hosts 380 trillion viruses, 60 trillion bacteria and some fungi.

The novel Corona virus has been listed in the family of Flu viruses. There’s no reason for virus harming the host body. In fact, life would not exist if not for the virus.

So, there’s widespread public suspicion that the novel Corona virus was deliberately engineered in a lab somewhere and dropped outside the test tube. The immune system perceives the virus as particularly aggressive. The immune system unleashes symptoms which overwhelm the respiratory system. — NMH

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