Christmas Time For Reflection On Solution For Old Free Palestine

Christmas, or no Christmas, there must be solution in the Biblical Holy Land, declared Palestine by the Roman Empire in thwarting Israel, for the Way Forward!

Commentary And Analysis . . . December 25, i.e. Christmas when we say mass for Christ, has degenerated over time into merry making brought by commercialisation of the day. It’s actually the time for reflection, for want of better term, on the message that Jesus brought on solution/s for the Way Forward. He was born in mid-March 4 AD or 4 BC based on which way the wind may be blowing on the Debate in the court of public opinion.

The message from Bethlehem this Christmas reflects the painful reality for the children in the Gaza Strip.

Those who say that wishing Merry Christmas was “worse than murder” may not be that wrong.

Christmas isn’t about merry making as in drinking and eating and what else after kissing and hugging. It’s the day for prayer, hymn and worship. Atheists say X’mas allegedly in denying Christ in Christmas. They claim that there’s no proof that Jesus exists. The Talmud, where Jewish priests villify Jesus, was among others proof that Jesus exists. Hindu and Tibetan texts also mention Jesus. Hindu yogi claim that Jesus visited them in vision. Google these claims in YouTube video.

Jesus was born Jew habitually speaking Aramaic, the old language, which originated in present day Syria. Many Jew speak Hebrew in the Biblical Holy Land and multiplicity of languages in the diaspora.

Jesus, for those unfamiliar, rewrote the old laws in Judaism. It was about neutralising Karma — the law on cause and effect — the 1st eternal law based on eternal truth viz. the Word of God. Israel may have embraced the old laws with vengeance on issues raised by the post-1948 Palestinian (hereinafter Palestinian). The old laws are about “eye for an eye” and “tooth for tooth”, among others.


Christian who claim that there’s no Karma in the Holy Bible, the Word of God on the spiritual nature of truth, should read the Parable of the Sower this Christmas season.

In Islam, sunnatulah is God’s law on cause and effect. It must be read with Tafsir (interpretation) in the Quran. Islam calls for Tafsir throughout the ages, from time to time, for progressive thought — read neutralising Karma — in keeping with the times.

Jesus, we know, declared “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.

“Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”

“You shall know the truth and it shall set you free.” We can take up the message of Jesus on neutralising Karma, later, but will resist the temptation lest we risk degenerating into theology.

There must be solution in the Biblical Holy Land, declared Palestine by the Roman Empire in thwarting Israel, for the Way Forward. Christmas may be the time for reflection on solution for Old Free Palestine.


Patently, based on the social media, we have truth coming out of the ears on Old Free Palestine but no solution/s. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there can be no law on truth. It’s only God, for want of better term, who can know the truth. The first casuality, in the fog of war, remains the truth. There have been repeated allegations by Hamas militants in particular that Israel was torturing and killing the Palestinian and stealing the land.

In the rule of law, we can look at Opinion which will stand up in the court of law. It’s about bringing closure on issues in conflict between parties in dispute. There can be no closure in the court of law unless litigation ends. Opinion isn’t law. Only the court of law can declare law. If there’s lacuna (gap) in local law, case law from other jurisdiction can be used as Advisory Opinion, as source, for declaring local case law.

The court of law can only be about law, not the truth.

The court of law isn’t about ethics, moral values, theology, civilisational values, sin, God, righteousness, justice or truth.

The court of law was only about law.

Law must have source for jurisdiction, authority and power. In jurisprudence, God isn’t source in law. Law exists, has always existed, based on common sense, universal values and the principles of natural justice.

Issues In Conflict

Again, if there are issues in conflict between Israel and the Palestinian, the court of law can help bring closure for the parties in dispute, based purely on the rule of law. The issues in conflict are matter for judicial consideration and resolution. It’s about the nature of human relationship which can be regulated by law. War, the continuation of politics by other means, eventually ends at the negotiation table. The court of law records out of court settlement lest war breaks out again on the same old grounds.

Immediately before 1948, in necessary digression, both Hebrew speaking Jew and Arabic speakers — Muslim and Christian — were known as Palestinian in the Biblical Holy Land. There were no Arabic speakers at that time in the Palestine declared by the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire fell back on old Greek usage for Philistinian, i.e. Phoenician dialect speakers from southern Lebanon who vanished into history in the Gaza Strip, and codified Palestine as administration term in thwarting repeated Jewish uprising in Israel and/or the Biblical Holy Land.

There’s no Palestinian language unlike among the Arabic speakers in north Africa and Middle East who have their own dialects and languages. The Quran, in translation from Aramaic, spread in the Arabic language after it had written form.

There has never been Palestine nation-state in history until 1948 when the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) entered the picture.


Islam may have come from outside, as the Ottoman and British Empires observed in denying land claims by Muslim Arabic speakers, but it can’t be said that all Arabic speakers came from outside. Arabic may have come from outside but perhaps not the speaker. Ironically, the Constitution does not go into DNA and geographical origin. The court of law can accept DNA test but only as proof of descent from citizen. DNA tests are only about inheriting two sex cells from male-female pair. The rest of the human being comes from solar energy transferred into chemical energy and kinetic energy.

Jerusalem, founded by King David 3K years ago, has had Jewish majority always despite the Roman Empire driving many into the diaspora (scattering in Greek) in north Africa, Middle East, Europe, India and even China. Jew, speaking multiple languages but not Hebrew, also left for the southern Pacific region and the New World in America. In India, mostly in Kerala from 2K years ago, Jew speak Malayalam. Jew in north Africa and the Middle East habitually speak Arabic at home.

Right Of Return

One issue in conflict between Israel and the Hamas militants is Tel Aviv’s law on the Right of Return. It only recognises the Jewish diaspora, created by the Roman Empire, as extension of modern day Israel as nation-state based on the rule of law.

The post-1948 Palestinian demand the same right of return for those who reportedly fled the Biblical Holy Land after Israel was created.

Tel Aviv has taken the position, not argued in the Supreme Court of Israel, that there’s no proof that local Arabic speakers fled the Biblical Holy Land in 1948. It was the year that the UNSC ended the British Trans Jordan Palestine Mandate. The UNSC separated Israel from the rest of Palestine and created two nation-states viz. Israel on 20 per cent of the land and the rump state of Palestine on the rest of the Biblical Holy Land. Earlier, before 1948, the British separated Jordan from the Mandate and recognised local Arabic speaking Hashemite Sheikh as King. Sixty per cent of the Arabic speakers in Jordan call themselves Palestinian.

In Israel, those who declare themselves Palestinian are put on public bus, with one way ticket, and deported mostly to the West Bank. If caught in Israel, it has been alleged that they may be tortured and bashed in police custody, probably being considered non-existent in law like illegal immigrants. It’s not known whether the Supreme Court of Israel ever considered the matter.

Discretion isn’t law. The court of law has no jurisdiction. Discretion isn’t matter for judicial consideration and resolution unless abuse of power can be proven. In that case, discretion does not exist. The court of law was only about law.

Still, under international law with national law reading as compliant, bashing people who merely returned home remains serious violation of human rights. Human rights is the basis of international law, the latter being based on international customary practices for force of law. Bashing people in police custody isn’t international customary practice. — NMH

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