Israel Faces Trial For Genocide In Gaza

Israel has broken SIXTY-TWO United Nations Resolutions over the years with absolutely no consequences. Iraq broke only two and was invaded, occupied, and destroyed by the United States for 8 years.

South Africa has invoked the Genocide Convention, officially backed by Turkey & Malaysia to the International Court of Justice accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza [ICJ Press Release].

The Israeli Occupation has killed 30,034 Palestinians, 27,681 of whom are civilians, amongst them are 11,833 CHILDREN & 104 Journalists. [Euro Med].

Israel has also bombed 300+ schools, 23 hospitals, and 102 ambulances and has displaced 1.9 million Palestinians [Gaza Government Media Office]. Israel also imposed an illegal siege cutting off fuel, electricity & medical supplies to Gaza [Ministry of Health in Gaza].

The International Court of Justice has announced public hearings on January 11th-12th for South Africa’s case against Israel for committing Genocide in Gaza [ICJ Press Release].

Zionist ethnostate lawmaker Tally Gotliv condemns the entry of humanitarian aid and food to Gaza.

Beth Miller of Jewish Voice for Peace points out that “Pages 59-67 of South Africa’s suit is just a list of quotes from Israeli government officials and prominent members of the public with genocidal rhetoric.”

Israel is likely to attend the hearing and discount all the evidences presented against it. Israel has never cared because it has the US and UK protecting its interests so regardless of the decision and it’s a win for Israel. The United Nations is powerless to do anything because the US will veto any decisions or resolutions. And if any of the Arab countries organise any military, the US will leverage the action to get into war because it means expansion of Israel’s territories. That – is why Israel is so arrogant about. It has nothing to do with religion or Jews believing they are chosen people. It just allows the US and the UK to ensure they have a presence in the Middle East and not allow that region to prosper. They were so careful about the Middle East but they couldn’t do anything about China. The US especially is unable to get a foothold in Asia. No one will allow it. It’s all about control. And the Palestine people are just in the way of an expansion of Israeli territory.

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