Israel Lied About UNWRA

The demise of the UN’s Palestinian agency could spell disaster for millions. Here is the story behind the accusations and defunding of UNWRA.

The suspension of funding by a growing number of Western countries for a United Nations agency for Palestinians has raised questions about the fate of the 5.9 million refugees it serves.

The United States and at least 13 of its allies have pulled funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), following allegations by Israel that some of its staff were involved in Hamas’ October 7 attack, which killed 1,200 and saw more than 250 others taken hostage.

The defunding was announced immediately after the result of near unanimous verdict, the court was convinced that South Africa made a plausible case demonstrating that Israel has displayed the intent to execute genocide.

As a result, the court is required, by international law, to proceed with a full hearing and, ultimately, to render a verdict on the seminal question: Is Israel guilty of the crime of genocide in Gaza? It seems that the defunding whats a knee jerk reaction to further punish Palestinians for resisting the brutal occupation.

The UN’s agency for the welfare of Palestinians – UNRWA – is under massive coordinated attack. Israeli claims about a tiny proportion of staff have been used to justify Western countries pulling the plug on funding – catastrophic collective punishment during a humanitarian disaster.

This man knows the truth – he knows UNRWA inside out. He’s Chris Gunness, who was UNRWA spokesman until 2020 for 14 years. Listening to him is so important – it’s a matter of life and death – as he takes apart the false claims and gives us the truth.

Israel calls for disbanding UNRWA, the United Nations agency that aids Palestinians, after Israel presented unverified evidence that at least 12 UNRWA staffers participated in the Oct. 7 massacre. The information was not shared with UNRWA for verification.

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