Unveiling Uniqueness Concert Puts Different Abilities In The Spotlight

They may lack certain physical attributes, but these are no barriers for them to showcase their abilities when it comes to performing on stage. Hear the inspiring stories from four truly special persons at the forthcoming Unveiling Uniqueness Concert

PETALING JAYA – To some of us, the loss of a limb or denied of the ability to hear and see may make us withdraw from the world and just wallow in depression and self-pity. But for these amazing four adults, they sharpened their other senses and are all set to sparkle at the forthcoming Unveiling Uniqueness concert (Unique) on Saturday, 13 July to be held at the Menara BAC here.

For Natalia Lee Jia En, Ong Boo Siong, Thomas Alvin Cross and Louis Prem Kumar and their fellow performers, it is all systems go, with rehearsals taking place at Music Mart here weekly, perfecting their routines and streamlining the chords.

The four are among the 50 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) performers and musicians that will be in the spotlight on Saturday evening, belting perennial and modern hits at the Omnia Auditorium from 7pm onwards.

Organised by Musicians for Musicians, it is sponsored by Seadale Malaysia and jointly supported by the BAC Education GroupMusic Mart, and Nak Seni, Unique comprises two sessions: during the day, an expo with workshops and mini performances organised by PWD advocacy group Nak Seni, while in the evening, a concert, “Unveiling Uniqueness – A Musical Celebration of Diversity” will showcase musicians with different abilities, supported by professional local musicians.

The Unveiling Uniqueness Stage

“We see ‘Unveiling Uniqueness’ not only as a stage for showcasing talent but also as a platform for individuals with disabilities to share their challenges, past and present,” organising chairman Edwin Nathaniel from Music Mart said recently.

For Thomas Alvin Cross, he realises that everybody always say that everyone has problems, but few will sit back and reflect on how life’s problems can vary between individuals.

For many, they are facing the unthinkable. For some, the impact is severe when it involves the sudden loss of a limb.

How does one cope with that? Well, for Thomas, it is no biggie.

The gentleman who hails from Ipoh rose up to the challenge and slowly grew within him a wealth of experience to share on how life can still be beautiful despite the trauma of losing a leg. DJ Cross was once Thomas Alvin Cross. He was the common joe excelling in the hotel line.

Graduating from Stamford College, he was working in hotel management in a few positions in Singapore, namely for Pine-tree Club, Oriental Hotel. Until a sudden car accident caused critical damage to his leg.

The Great Purpose

The date was 31 August 1997. This was in the late-90s, where he climbed back up with a great purpose, his passion for music, he was a regular music expresser at Iguana’s, it was here that he met DJ John Apache his mentor and started training with him. And the rest, they say, is history.

Thomas Alvin Cross will be belting out Deep Purple’s Soldier of Fortune at the Unveiling Uniqueness concert on Saturday

For 61 year old J. Louis Prem Kumar, his journey with vision and hearing loss began at age seven, gradually leading to reliance on a white cane and hearing aids. Despite these challenges, his passion for music ignited at 10 when introduced to Melodica.

“By 14, I transitioned to braille education, later receiving musical training both locally and abroad.

Teaching Music

“Throughout my career as a keyboardist, I performed at prestigious events and taught music to diverse age groups,” Louis told NMH.

In the early 2000s, he debuted his rap composition, “Environment,” and received a Yamaha keyboard in 2023, catalysing his musical journey.

For Louis Prem Kumar, he will be performing three songs: Elbimbo | Aku Penganggur | I can’t give you anything but my love at the Unveiling Uniqueness concert on Saturday

Collaborating with a friend, he ventured into rap and composed for his niece in the UK.

Despite certain obstacles, his aim is to spread joy through music, offering soothing melodies and popular tunes with his unique one-man band setup.

Louis invites us to follow his musical journey on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@louispremkumar463.

From Shah Alam comes 11-year-old Natalia Lee Jia En, a Standard Six student at SKPK Jalan Batu, Kuala Lumpur.

Confident Pianist

Natalie has been playing the piano since she was five years old. Initially shy, she has grown into a confident pianist who netted first place in a piano competition in 2023 amongst able-bodied contestants in Setia Alam.

Natalia has had the privilege of performing in front of distinguished guests including Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the spouse of the current Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, as well as Fadhlina Sidek, the current Education Minister of Malaysia.

Despite her young age, Natalia Lee has performed for certain luminaries in Malaysia

Ong Boo Siong was born with a partially formed right hand, possessing only two fingers and limited mobility. Despite facing ridicule from peers when attempting to play guitar in high school, he persisted, teaching himself to strum with determination.

Despite Losing a Part of His Physical Form Earlier on in Life, Ong Boon Siong Went on to Become a Motivational Speaker and Musician. See Him Perform at the Unveiling Uniqueness Concert This Saturday.
Despite losing a part of his physical form earlier on in life Ong Boon Siong went on to become a motivational speaker and musician See him perform at the Unveiling Uniqueness concert this Saturday

Transitioning from a career in IT and teaching to becoming a motivational speaker, Ong incorporates guitar performances into his sessions, inspiring audiences nationwide.

Motivational Speaker

Despite lacking formal musical training, his passion shines through as he utilises innovative methods to engage listeners. Since 2009, he has conducted over 3,000 motivational talks, driving across Malaysia to reach diverse audiences, earning recognition including the Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Award in 2013 and the MyHero2.0 Award in 2016.

In 2019, he was honoured with the Unsung Hero medal. Presently, Ong endeavours to publish a poetry book designed to aid visually impaired readers and dyslexic individuals, seeking support for this innovative project. He is currently seeking funding to realise this project and hopes those willing to help can contact him at 016212008.

Tickets for Saturday’s concert are currently being sold with limited seats left available. Details of the concert and ticket sales are as follows:

Saturday, 13 July

  • 10am-6pm (expo/workshops)
  • 7pm-10pm (concert)


  • Horizon Hall (expo/workshops)
  • Omnia Auditorium (concert)

Menara BAC,
52, Jalan Utara, Section 52,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


  • RM70 (lower level)
  • RM50 (upper level)

Get your tickets by clicking here. You may also donate directly to their cause; for further information, contact Musicians for Musicians via Facebook or Instagram. – NMH

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