‘Unveiling Uniqueness’ A Platform For Neurodiverse Talents

The pinnacle occasion, Unveiling Uniqueness, celebrates the distinctive quality of each individual and offers them a platform to showcase their diverse gifting and abilities, a testament to their capabilities and an affirmation of their unique talents.

PETALING JAYA – Persons With Disabilities (PWD) from all across Malaysia will be showcasing their talents when Unveiling Uniqueness (Unique) takes centrestage on 13 July at Menara BAC here.

With this event, it is hoped that the talent of these performers can be highlighted and given equal footing in the music industry and publicly acknowledged for their respective competitive intelligence.

Organised by Musicians for Musicians, it is sponsored by Seadale Malaysia and jointly supported by the BAC Education Group, Music Mart, and Nak Seni, Unique comprises two sessions: during the day, an expo with workshops and mini performances organised by PWD advocacy group Nak Seni, while in the evening, a concert, “Unveiling Uniqueness – A Musical Celebration of Diversity” will showcase musicians with different abilities, supported by professional local musicians.

Unveiling Uniqueness A Platform For Showcasing Talents and Challenges

“We see ‘Unveiling Uniqueness’ not only as a stage for showcasing talent but also as a platform for individuals with disabilities to share their challenges, past and present,” organising chairman Edwin Nathaniel from Music Mart said at a press conference recently.

“By providing this opportunity, we aim to raise awareness about the obstacles they face and highlight their resilience.

“Moreover, we believe that by amplifying their voices, we can contribute to creating a future where their experiences are understood and accommodated, fostering a more inclusive society for all.”

According to Edwin, the expo will feature vendors comprising entrepreneurs and businesses from the PWD community who are involved in the creative arts. These include writers, music teachers, artists and artisans.

There will also be panel discussions on topics such as “Expectation vs Purpose: How to Nurture Children with Creative Potential”, as well as an interactive drum circle.

For the concert, Edwin shared that a call for audition videos had been circulated among the PWD community through support groups, NGOs and schools.


They subsequently received close to 100 applicants, including from as far as Kelantan, Sabah and Sarawak.

After much deliberation, 33 talents were selected – from newbies like Aidel Rahman Morshidi to the internationally acclaimed Clarence Kang. Others include Abigail Ang Huey Vern, Hew Zi Xuan, Louis Prem Kumar, Ong Boo Siong, Raees Aryan, Stephanie Tam, and the bands R.A.A.Z.E and Zimi’ J.

Among the Notables to Watch out for During Unveiling Uniqueness is Savant Internally-acclaimed Artiste, Clarence Kang - Music Mart Pic
Among the notables to watch out for during Unveiling Uniqueness is internally acclaimed savant artiste Clarence Kang Music Mart pic

Clarence is a savant pianist with autism spectrum and attention deficit hyperactive disorders. He has showcased his talents in competitions and performances worldwide, from Malaysia and Singapore to Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, China and Shanghai.

During infancy, Clarence was able to read books and recognise difficult vocabularies. However, he had very little eye contact and did not respond well to people, which brought to his diagnosis. Clarence, a self-taught pianist since age 10, displays remarkable skill in music. He adeptly reads music, memorises pieces effortlessly, transcribes, and analyses intricate chords.

Then there is Sarah Ow who plays the guitar and sings professionally, yet enjoys performing as it is a way for her to interact with the public at large. Like any young adult, she enjoys going out with friends, both neurodiverse and neurotypical, but her life is centred on her music.

Sarah Ow with her Perfect Pitch will be part of the ensemble on Unveiling Uniqueness on 13 July NMH pic

Sarah’s love for music started when she was a baby, finding solace in melodies that rocked her to sleep. Remarkably, singing came naturally to her before she even formed sentences, revealing her innate talent. With the discovery of her Perfect Pitch, a rarity found in only 1 in 10,000 individuals, Sarah’s musical prowess became evident. Along with this gift, Sarah was diagnose with Autism, but it did not bar her from moving forward with this gift.

For Aidel Rahman Morshidi, 22, he was pleasantly surprised to be one of those selected to perform after singing a few songs and sending the video to the committee for their consideration. An accomplished writer with high functioning Asperger Syndrome, singing is a hobby which he never took seriously until he had a few invitations to perform at concerts. He had a few training sessions at Music Mart, but could not continue due to family issues, but the few lessons he took gave him encouragement to proceed further in this field.

Despite his age, his genre of music ranges from the perennial of the 80s and 90s to the latest hits.

Aidel Rahman Morshidi will be performing an oldie but goodie Cant Take My Eyes Off You during Unveiling Uniqueness NMH pic

All proceeds from the concert and donations will be directed towards Musicians for Musicians for the benefit and promotion of PWD musicians.

“By witnessing the performances and stories of individuals with disabilities, we aim to challenge preconceived notions and inspire empathy and understanding,” Edwin added.

“Ultimately, we hope that the audience will leave with a sense of inclusivity, and a recognition of the value that each person – regardless of ability – brings to our collective tapestry of humanity.”

‘Unveiling Uniqueness: A Musical Celebration of Diversity’

Saturday, 13 July

  • 10am-6pm (expo/workshops)
  • 7pm-10pm (concert)


  • Horizon Hall (expo/workshops)
  • Omnia Auditorium (concert)

Menara BAC,
52, Jalan Utara, Section 52,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


  • RM70 (lower level)
  • RM50 (upper level)

Get your tickets by clicking here. You may also donate directly to their cause; for further information, contact Musicians for Musicians via Facebook or Instagram.NMH

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