Tag: Federal Constitution

Rule Of Law In Malaysia Lacks Education For Skills

Law practice and court room skills ultimately come from the power of language, wide reading, ability to think, and ability to fathom the judge's thinking on the rule of law!

Anwar Ibrahim Woos Malay And Opposition In Parliament

If Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has his way, the Bersatu Party for one may be politically buried long before the leaders in court are fined and jailed, and jailed further in default on the fines!

Najib Can ‘Adduce’ Fresh Evidence For New RM42m SRC Trial

The former Prime Minister can initiate developments via 'letter of representation'. There may be a case for Najib Abdul Razak to submit a "letter of...

M’sia Should Do Away With LLB, Widen Talent Pool For Law

English must be brought back for law, the education and profession reformed. It's high time that we call a spade a spade on the controversial...

Anti-Hopping Bill ‘Fatally Flawed’, Focus On Electoral Integrity

Legislative seats belong to winners, not the parties whose symbols were used in elections In law, it's safe to assume that the proposed Anti-Hopping Bill...