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OPR Dan Isu Kejatuhan Ringgit – Apa Penyelesaiannya?

Menteri Kewangan II, Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah kata di Parlimen bahawa Ringgit jatuh sebab kadar faedah (OPR) kita rendah. Tapi kerajaan tidak mahu naikkan OPR kerana ia akan bebankan rakyat.

The Recycled Plastic Dream. Or Is It A Nightmare?

Does all that you dump into the recycle bin get recycled? Only 9% of plastics do, apparently. Are we recycling because we need to save the earth or just to save face? Or will there never be an end to the production of plastic for a whole bigger evil reason?

Malaysia Airlines – New Lounge Operator Raises Security Concerns

Two days ago, we published an article highlighting the imbroglio between Malaysia Airlines and in-flight and airport lounge service providers. That took us on a journey of revelations and discoveries. We feel compelled to publish further findings which may, or may not, have a bearing on our 'national security'

Malaysia Airlines – The Battle For Food In The Sky

Malaysia Airlines, once a symbol of excellence in the airline industry, faced a significant setback when it encountered an in-flight catering debacle that garnered global attention. But it is not just about poor handling of crisis communication, there seems to be a sinister plot to oust genuine bumiputra service providers with proven track records and can offer rates more competitive than other players with questionable corporate backgrounds