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PDRM Advises Public To Be On Alert Mode For Mule Account Trap

In 2023, ordinary Malaysians from all walks of life lost a total of RM1.3 billion from online scams involving 33,324 cases, as released by the National Scam Response Centre in January 2024. This huge amount of losses is largely enabled by mule accounts under the control of online scam syndicates. PDRM, the nation’s primary law enforcement agency responsible for tackling crimes have their work cut out for them. Mule accounts are accounts owned by ordinary people that these scammers have commandeered, with the account holders either complicit with the scammers as they rent out their accounts, or unknowingly, duped by the scammers in their various nefarious schemes.

Anwar Ibrahim May Find No Acceptance After GE16

Sabah and Sarawak, always against Anwar Ibrahim, would probably find it difficult accepting another Decree by Agong on the prime ministership if the incumbent remains in the saddle!

Cisco ASEAN terminates employment of Malaysian man who insulted King

Following public pressure Cisco ASEAN has terminated the employment of a staff that insulted the King. Cisco ASEAN posted a statement on their corporate Facebook...

Sultan Muhammad V abdicates his throne.

Istana Negara announced the abdication of His Majesty Sultan Muhammad V from the throne of Yang DiPertuan Agong. The 15th Paramount Ruler who hailed...