MCA – Why we choose to work with UMNO and PAS at Cameron Highlands.

MCA was not trying to scare or intimidate Chinese into voting BN when we talk of the tendency of “extremism begets extremism”.

Politics is about power and power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. When 90% of Chinese voters voted for DAP, it is absolute in democratic terms.  

The Chinese voters are seen to be extreme when they can obtain absolute votes. This goes against the “check and balance” and a healthy two party system that DAP had advocated in the past. Now that they are in power, they want to eliminate or force MCA into oblivion. 

An extreme movement like this will raise the “red flag” or alert on the more conservative Malay voters. The perceive “Chinese extremism” vis their voting trends in GE14 will beget another form of extremism by pushing more conservatives and moderates to the extreme right in the form of PAS and extreme forces within UMNO. This is only a natural political behaviour pattern. 

MCA had said it in all honesty and truth. As expected, this is happening and has happened in the form of closer UMNO and PAS cooperation. Now MCA leaders got to be more creative in seeking a moderating mechanism or vehicle to “slow down” or “check on” extremism within PAS or UMNO. We recognise that there are also many moderate and rational leaders within PAS and UMNO. 

In the interest of a multiracial, multicultural and multi religious environment, MCA will have to do some soul searching  to seek and provide the way forward for a “New Malaysia “ that’s moving towards a racial bipolar. We may have to convince UMNO moderates and PAS moderates to be moderate talk about tolerance and cooperation towards greater unity and harmony. This was MCA’s role post-independence when Alliance was formed by MCA and UMNO to promote racial goodwill. 

Subsequently, the MCA once again formed an alliance with PAS and UMNO under the umbrella of Barisan National post Mei 13 racial riots to maintain racial harmony and unity by bringing the debates on sensitive or racially-charged issues under control. This had provided the nation a semblance of peace and the Malay ultras were contained whereby multi-racialism and diversity were allowed and continue to prevail. 

Senator Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker

MCA Vice President 

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