Lim Kit Siang, four reasons for you why Semenyih voters should not vote Pakatan Harapan

by Janice Fredah Ti

This write up is in response to Lim Kit Siang’s article published in Malaysiakini on Feb 25th titled Three Reasons Why Semenyih Voters should choose Pakatan Harapan on March 2.

With due respect Mr Lim, your reasons are nothing but justifications for Pakatan Harapan’s shortfalls and broken promises presented on a silver platter to disguise the farce that the ruling government has become.

In no particular order and priority as I find them equally important, allow me to append the following on why Semenyih voters should not vote Pakatan Harapan come March 2.

Reneging of manifesto.

While it cannot be denied that many who voted Pakatan Harapan in GE14 did not read the manifesto and hence their decision is not based on pledges in the Buku Harapan, it also does not negate the fact that the manifesto is indeed an important piece of document. Though not legally binding, the manifesto serves as a written pledge and commitment to the Rakyat and essentially forms the basis of the existence of the government. It also outlines the direction the country will take until the next general election.

Thanks to the events that follow, plus the announcement that the manifesto is not a Bible, more Malaysians have come to the realisation that the manifesto is not to be taken lightly. Besides, some citizens indeed voted Pakatan Harapan because of pledges made. Their votes are not of any lesser value than others.

How the Pakatan Harapan government has reneged on its manifesto is well documented so perhaps there is no necessity to repeat them here.

For this, Semenyih voters must not vote Pakatan Harapan.

Race and religion bigotry

You, and by extension the Pakatan Harapan government emphasises the extreme position of former Umno ministers who questions the appointment of non-Malay and non-Muslims as Finance Minister, Attorney General and Chief Justice.

While any reasonable Malaysian will have no argument and in fact supports you on this particular matter, we are also wondering what meaningful steps has the Pakatan Harapan government taken to discredit race and religion bigotry that is threatening to bring the nation down to its knee?

Instead we see various ministers deliberately bringing up issues like the LGBTQ issue into the public domain without any valid reasons let alone solutions. Instead of national reconciliation, this further divide the Rakyat and causes  untold hardship to those directly involved. What, pray tell, was the objective of the government in stirring the hornet’s nest without providing any meaningful solution?

For this, Semenyih voters must not vote Pakatan Harapan.

Najib, Najib, Najib.

Your ongoing diatribe on Najib is fast becoming not just tiresome but stale like a piece of mouldy bread living out its last days on a shelf. Your allies’ endless efforts in demonising Najib and calling him ‘irrelevant’ coupled with your utmost dedication in spending much time and focus on Najib is nothing short of mind boggling and a classic example of a great contradiction. Seriously, why does one spend so much time on someone or something deemed fallen and irrelevant? Have you simply run out of ideas or are you trying to engineer new perceptions?

While you ask Malaysians to be patient for justice to be served, there has been nothing new to solidify that fast diminishing hope, and truly, Malaysians cannot be faulted for loosing hope given the daily dose of shenanigans surrounding PH’s component parties.

While it cannot be denied that legal processes are complicated and takes times, the Rakyat cannot help but feel that elected representatives and law makers could better spend their time on nation building activities than going on and on about something  that’s best left to the judiciary. You seem to have lost the balance here.

For this, Semenyih must not vote Pakatan Harapan.


Sadly and unfortunately the name of an amphibian has taken on a brand new meaning no thanks to Malaysian politics. Barisan Nasional started it and Pakatan Harapan glamourises it. Overnight, it has become a noun, a verb and an adjective. How could you then claim you are better than Barisan Nasional?

Pakatan Harapan, supposedly the saviour of Malaysia’s future has allowed defections through component party PPBM. You claimed this necessary to initiate reforms.  While I cannot be certain which reform you are referring to, it is clear that two third majority is only required for amendment of the Federal Constitution. There are many reforms that could have been initiated without any amendment to the Federal  Constitution.  In other words, only reforms that requires an amendment to the Federal Constitution requires a two third majority to materialise. Local Council Election would have been a good example. Could you, or the Pakatan Harapan government put that out in a concise manner to the public?

Besides, defection is a crystal clear betrayal of the Rakyat’s trust and mandate. There is no reason good enough for this betrayal. Power should be obtained through elections, not defections!

For this, Semenyih must not vote Pakatan Harapan.

I can go on and on but perhaps not necessary.

I’m just going to end by saying….Semenyih, DO NOT vote Pakatan Harapan, nor Barisan Nasional. The big picture promised is just the same picture. Start looking at other pictures.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of New Malaysia Herald.

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