New approved permits (AP) are unjustifiable and detrimental

Senator Dato’ Seri Ti Lian Ker, in a media release said that last week, Drive Safe & Fast (DS&F) published an article detailing how the new government of Malaysia has approved 38 new approved permit (AP) holders. When reached for comment, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Dr Ong Kian Ming feigned ignorance and excused himself that he needed time to verify the claim.

It was then confirmed that the claim was indeed true — his ministry has just granted the “gravy train” to 38 new bumiputera companies, he added.

“The source that first uncovered the new APs, revealed that these new holders are already in the talks with established AP holders to get them to “buy” their APs for some easy money. “

“Unjustifiable rewards to undeserving individuals. It is clear that there was no open-tendering, no publication of criteria involved; similar to how the Perak MB recently award the 400-hectare forest project through closed doors. This is again unjustifiable in the New Malaysia that PH government had promised. “ he said.

Senator Ti noted that over the years, DAP has lambasted APs, painting the system as a symbol of corruption, greed and power abuse and it is obvious that the DAP lawmakers have betrayed all Malaysians who have voted for a change . Instead of a change , there’s a return of the “AP Queen” days of which DAP in particular have strongly condemned. 

“Obviously the DAP’s Deputy Minister has not only failed to take steps to curb existing APs, he is guilty of being silent and feigning ignorance when he has a duty to tell the rakyat the truth . His silence and inactions is inexcusable and have literally contributed towards the creation of the new APs . “ he said.

“Indeed, in the dictionary of most Malaysians, approved permits (AP) have become indistinguishable from cronyism. This analogy first sprang to life during Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz’s tenure as Minister of International Trade and Industry, where her scandal on mishandling APs earned her the moniker of “The Queen of AP”. Even Dr Mahathir conceded at one point that APs only enrich selected individuals.” he added.

He also questioned that, if the government under Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad’s leadership aims to develop the automotive industry, grow the electric vehicle market and develop the mass transit system, wouldn’t increasing the number of permits that allow for the tax-free import of reconditioned vehicles be detrimental to all these goals?

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