Save my Malaysia, please

By Hasnah AR

What was the biggest reason for the then opposition to want to overthrow the Barisan Nasional (BN) government? Just because of corruption? How bad was the rate of corruption anyway? Did the opposition then have proof of what they were alleging?

Even till today, after so many days in court, they have yet to find former Premier Najib Razak guilty, while the charges they slapped on other BN politicians have yet to be proven. So much for: We have all the proof about their corruption. Common sense will tell you that a corrupt government will not be able to develop the nation as good as Malaysia had done. Look around us, how our neighbours are doing. Look within us in early 2018 and see the millions of foreigners that came to share our wealth. If the BN government was corrupt then, there would not have been enough to be shared with others.

Look at the states that were governed by the previous opposition then. Were they really that clean? What about now, when most of the states and the whole country are run by the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government. Can they prove that they are also free from corruption or that they are worse, considering that they are just in power for only one year?

Before this when only a couple of states were under the PH umbrella, each of these states had a corrupt story. What great achievements had any of the states showed since their rule? Or the country, since a year ago?  The answer is NOTHING! They merely continued to manage the success that had been established by the former ‘Barisan Nasional’ government, and that’s it. They had introduced nothing but instead tried very hard to fill up their own pockets and introduced divisive policies to benefit a certain group and at the same time antagonizing certain groups with religious issues. Not to mention the selling of the country’s assets to foreign powers. And don’t even let me start with the rebranding attempts.

Let’s admit it, PH is not a viable alternative government. Each and every party is established out of anger, jealousy and hatred. The founding member and current leaders are all problematic personalities. Each and every one of them practised exactly what they accused the previous government of doing; corrupt, parochial and racist. They all have diverging objectives and views about how to govern. They are just tools of a bigger force that is hell-bent on conquering Malaysia under the guise of regime change to promote democracy and human rights. The hidden agenda is to colonize and to dominate.

Many of us have forgotten history. Our country was sold off to foreigners 450 years ago. Before that, we were an independent nation with our own system of government and were prospering as a powerful nation at par with the other civilizations of that time. Alas, due to the work of some treacherous personalities from within, we were conquered by the Portuguese hence began the painful colonization by the west up to 1957 when we gained our independence from the British. After the Portuguese, we were then sold off to the Dutch who ruled us for another hundred years.

Under the Dutch, the Malay Sultanate began to thrive and the Malay States were ruled by various Sultans. History seemed to repeat itself after the Dutch left, the British came and started to implement their divide and rule strategy. Through deceit and the help of traitors, the British managed to hoodwink our Sultans to cede away our land to the British under the guise of treaties and protection. A few good examples were when Raja Abdullah sold away Penang to Francis Light in 1791 and also another Raja Abdullah accepted British rule with Sir Andrew Clarke at the Treaty of Pangkor in 1874.

All the western powers that colonized us had one thing in common. That was to syphon the wealth of the nation for the benefit of their motherland. During those days, the spice trade was the main commodity in this part of the world. Malacca then was the centre of the spice trade. Today, the main commodity that is up for grabs is oil. It is the main commodity to generate wealth. Malaysia has lots of oil.

The downfall of the Middle Eastern Government, better known as the ‘Arab Spring’ under the guise of regime change, was well orchestrated by the west to overthrow all the leaders they branded as dictators. In place, they installed western-friendly leaders thus enabling them in controlling the oil-rich nations.

Now their sights are on us. We are just a tiny peaceful nation but we can be a pain in the neck for them. One does not need to be in the intelligence community to detect and understand the covert operations that are undermining our political scenario. It was declared openly by the former Secretary of State that the United States spends around US50 million per year in support of opposition political parties in targeted states under the guise of promoting democracy and human rights. Similarly, financial and technical aids are given out to opposition parties by other related agencies from these nations to fulfil their own agendas.

Numerous pieces of evidence are glaring enough to connect such aid being given to the previous opposition parties. It is only obvious that the previous opposition parties under the PH banner were cleverly being used by these organizations knowingly or unknowingly by them. It is not important for us citizens to get an admission from them. What is important is that we all know what is going on and what is going to be the outcome of all this meddling.

If we are weak and not careful, we will all fall into their trap. Are we foolish enough like our forefathers to sell our nation to the invaders? We were stupid enough to vote them in, and it seems now that we are just giving them a free hand in deciding our future. We are MALAYSIANS and it is our duty to protect our country from being invaded by the hidden enemy. It is our duty to defend our country through our electoral right from the onslaught of the enemy using PH as their Trojan horse. Do not be blind and foolish like some of the treacherous ancestors.

Do not let the history of the sixteenth century to repeat. Save my Malaysia, now.

Adapted from a previous article by Yusoff Sahibjahn

Note: Hasnah ÀR is a freelance writer and an autism activist. She is worried at the downward trend the country is facing and aims to rally groups to work towards improving the lives of fellow Malaysians.

The views expressed here are entirely the writer’s own.

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