Kit Siang and DAP owes the public an apology for Bersatu’s formation

Former Bersatu vice-president Hamidah Osman’s revelation that it was Kit Siang who had thrown the idea of forming a Malay based party, Bersatu showed that DAP is a party with no principles.

DAP has shown that they will not hesitate to work with PAS or UMNO leaders for political convenience and expediency. The latest Low was when Lim Kit Siang denied that they have never alleged Tun Mahathir as a corrupted leader etc

It is obvious that Kit Siang is just another Machiavellian and have abandoned all principles to achieve his political means. DAP now owes the many Malaysians who had believed Kit Siang and DAP an explanation on the latest revelation. Has DAP abandoned their Malaysian Malaysia political pursuit and succumb to the reality of race-based politics? Is DAP now accepting and giving recognition to Malay centric or “Ketuanan Melayu” or Malay supremacy politics introduced and implemented by Tun Mahathir? Is this why the DAP Ministers agreed in Cabinet to the 40,000 of the 42,000 public universities places allocated for Malays vide the matriculation back door entry?

In the name of transparency and accountability, Kit Siang and DAP must come out to deny the said allegation instead of hiding under and behind Tun Mahathir with his cryptic and sarcastic retort of “ Go to Tg. Rambutan” if you believe the allegations. This is a typical classic Tun Mahathir at his best when he is trying to avoid or divert the truth. Tun Mahathir’s cryptic and sarcastic retort further confirms the truth of the matter.

Malaysians have voted a New Malaysia expecting less emphasis on race and religion but once again their dreams are broken and they have awoken to the nightmare that Bersatu is the extension of UMNO Baru 2.0 with more emphasis on race and Malay centric issues in an attempt to capture Malay support from UMNO and PAS. This intense competition for Malay votes and dominance will revisit the political Islamisation process introduced to Malaysia when UMNO Baru was competing with PAS for Malay votes.

YB DS Ti Lian Ker
MCA Vice President

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