Hypocrisy and Lies, A Pakatan Harapan Saga

By Aathi Shankar

It’s time for Pakatan Harapan to cease its misleading propaganda on the so-called “61 years of failures”.

If 61 years of first Alliance (1957 – 1973) then Barisan Nasional rule (1973 – 2018) was a failure, then Mahathir Mohamad’s 22 years of misrule as PM4 (1981 – 2003) was a major flop.

Isn’t it not?

After all, wasn’t Mahathir undeniably an icon of mega corruption, dictatorial rule, abuse of power and power craze during his previous 22-year era?

Mahathir past misrule was tainted and marred by various mega scandals – Maminco, Perwaja Steel, Forex, cooperatives, KLCC and MAS, to name a few.

PM4 imposed hardline dictatorial rule and, abused and wielded his power and the law to the fullest to imprison political opponents and silence detractors.

In 1988, Mahathir sacked judges and compromised the independence of the judiciary, a vital element to uphold the doctrine of separation of power in a democratic society.

PM4 has always used race and religious cards to divide and rule the people.

He has always uttered racist remarks against Malaysians, especially non-Malays and non-Muslims, such as calling Dong Zhong as “communists” and, Tamils and Indians as “kelings”.

He had also criticised Malays as “lazy and easily forgetful” (malas dan mudah lupa).

PM4 systematically wiped out the presence of non-Malay Muslims in the government employment sector.

PM4 had been proven to be a major flop.

Thus, why the hell then Pakatan promoted, marketed and appointed Mahathir as PM7 in GE14?

BN had already kicked out Mahathir but Pakatan picked up the outcast, made him the leader of Pakatan Harapan.

Why PH desperately promoted and marketed Mahathir, the BN strewn garbage, as the messiah to save Malaysia during GE14?

PH desperadoes used Mahathir to capture Putrajaya, isn’t it?

PH made Mahathir, a BN outcast, as PM7.

So why complain now?

During GE14, PH conned the people to believe that Mahathir was a changed man.

The performance of Mahathir over the past 15 months has proven that PM7 was no different than PM4.

During GE14, many innocent people believed in PH promises, especially in the 100 days promises.

All those promises have now proven to be false baits to fish votes, ah!

PH carried out an aggressive hate campaign against BN and then Prime Minister Najib Razak during GE14.

PH created and propagated make-believe fairy tales on 1MDB and so-called kleptocracy.

Until today, after completing 54 days of Najib-SRC trial with testimonies from 57 witnesses, not a single tenable evidence had been produced in court to prove that Najib stole any money from neither SRC or 1MDB.

In fact, evidence and testimonies by witnesses in court proved that Najib received cash gifts and donations worth some RM2.6 billion from Saudi Arabia kingdom.

Indeed, evidence and testimonies have proven that Najib had returned nearly 80% of the money back to the sender.

If Najib had returned a large chunk of the monetary gifts and donations, how the hell then the Attorney-General pressed charges on him?

Trumped up charges against Najib just to justify PH’s false “kleptocrat” election campaign?

The fact is the greatest robber is now PM7 – promoted, marketed and appointed by PH.

That qualifies PH as a hub for robbers, thieves and corrupted political personalities.

If PH leaders aren’t corrupted, robbers and thieves, they wouldn’t have appointed the greatest robber as PM7, right!

Birds of same feathers flock together, aren’t they?

The cover-up of Penang tunnel scandal, bungalow scandal and Semburit gay porn video scandal have exposed PH as a haven of hypocritical liars, who would even sell their community and even the country for a few dollars more.

Being a corrupted, kleptocrat and the hypocritical political agency itself, obviously, PH is unqualified to talk on morality, integrity and dignity, and the Alliance-BN 61-year rule.


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