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Influencers. How Influential Are They?

Nowadays, you can’t escape from the word “influencers” in any conventional or social media platforms. Their voice seems increasingly loud or is it just a temporary fad?

SPM Absentees: What The 10,000 Students Are Not Telling You

Attending the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) is a rite of passage for young Malaysians to make their first step into adulthood and working life. But, the announcement of 2023 SPM results caught Malaysians off guard with as many as 10,000 students absent from the titular exam. Let's dissect into this worrying phenomenon.

Adakah Agenda ‘Anak Kecil Main Api’ Sedang Bermula di Malaysia Airlines?

Bait lagu "Anak Kecil Main Api" semakin jelas kelihatan apabila permainan halus "Little Napoleons" kini semakin terserlah, rakus berkuasa sehingga kepentingan entiti kebangsaan yang merupakan kebanggaan Malaysia iaitu Malaysia Airlines dibiarkan sedikit demi sedikit dikikis oleh orang asing.

Malaysia Airlines – New Lounge Operator Raises Security Concerns

Two days ago, we published an article highlighting the imbroglio between Malaysia Airlines and in-flight and airport lounge service providers. That took us on a journey of revelations and discoveries. We feel compelled to publish further findings which may, or may not, have a bearing on our 'national security'

Malaysia Airlines – The Battle For Food In The Sky

Malaysia Airlines, once a symbol of excellence in the airline industry, faced a significant setback when it encountered an in-flight catering debacle that garnered global attention. But it is not just about poor handling of crisis communication, there seems to be a sinister plot to oust genuine bumiputra service providers with proven track records and can offer rates more competitive than other players with questionable corporate backgrounds

Budget Airline AirAsia May Not Exist In The Near Future

Most of the criticisms against AirAsia are being fuelled by prejudice and racism. There's no sober examination of the facts, evidence and proof. AirAsia isn't in...

Hypocrisy and Lies, A Pakatan Harapan Saga

By Aathi Shankar It’s time for Pakatan Harapan to cease its misleading propaganda on the so-called “61 years of failures”. If 61 years of first Alliance...