MIC, MCA Blast DAP Over ‘Boycott’ Claim

By Aathi Shankar

Barisan Nasional (BN) senior partners, MIC and MCA have refuted DAP’s claim that Umno and PAS had backed a “Boycott Non-Muslim Products” campaign.

Presidents of both parties, Tan Sri SA Vigneswaran (MIC) and Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong (MCA) reproved DAP for propagating a non-existent boycott.

They also slammed DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng for making unfounded allegations against MIC and MCA of not only being quiet but tacitly backing the boycott.

The Barisan Nasional leaders said both Umno and PAS leaderships had denied that they were involved in any boycott campaign.

Indeed, insisted the duo, the ‘Boycott Non-Muslim Products’ campaign doesn’t even exist.

They said Umno and PAS were only supporting a ‘Buy Muslim Products First’ grassroots campaign.

“We have checked and found that Umno and PAS got nothing to do with any boycott.

“There is no campaign to boycott non-Muslim products’,” said both leaders in separate statements this week.

Vigneswaran said both Umno and PAS were only encouraging Muslims to prioritise purchases of Muslim-made products.

He said the parties were merely promoting and marketing Muslim products and developing potential talents of Muslim entrepreneurs.

“Buy Muslim products first is not same as boycott non-Muslim products,” pointed out Vigneswaran.

Ka Siong, on the other hand, did not mince his words as he berated Guan Eng for acting like a ‘kera kena belacan’ (jumpy monkey).

Since Guan Eng was now the Finance Minister, he said the DAP leader can easily take legal action if there was economic sabotage.

“It’s unwise for Guan Eng to give reckless statements just to pit the opposition parties against each other,” said Ka Siong.

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