We Are Back!

The New Malaysia Herald (NMH) is back with viewpoints from the public with a breezier format.

We propagate Citizen Journalism as we will have citizens expressing the people’s voices on issues that matter: from economics and politics to lifestyle, sports and special needs, among others.

We take into account the current conditions during Covid-19 and work within the limitations the world is facing.

It is run by Citizens within our capacity and capabilities, not by big corporations with big bucks. We manage this from our homes because no one is paying us a large sum of money to run a swanky office with a big editorial team. After all, the new norm encourages to WFH where possible.

If you want to be part of this voice of the people, join us, but you must be willing to work on Sunshine, Fresh Air and Love.

One day, the voice of the citizens, via NMH, will determine the future of the country.

That is not an empty claim, but a promise.

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