Here Are Some Practical Thoughts On Conspiracy Theories (18+)

About the writer: Aidel Morshidi is a 19 year old with Aspergers and has a keen interest in world affairs. Being on the Autism Spectrum does not prevent him from trying his luck in the much-extended SPM exams although he had spent 3 years in special education.

By Aidel Morshidi

Before we start, I would like to thank those who have read my first article published in this portal which talked about the truth behind the Israel-Arab league and the war against Bosnia and Kosovo. I was so thrilled to see the number of views on it and has encouraged me to search for more truths, starting with this article. I mean the interest from my ‘fans’ (ehem) gave me such a high, something that weed can ever do (disclaimer: No, am not into weed. #peace).

First, let me state here that a majority of Malaysians, like me, do not support Israel, nor do we support Pro-Israelis in Malaysian politics and we have less Jews in Malaysia than in the neighbouring countries. We’ve been hearing too many conspiracies like “Earth is flat”, “Darwinian evolution is proof of human origins” and “John Fitzgerald Kennedy was an Anti-Zionist.” A lot of these theories aren’t really true. We know conspiracy theories are beliefs that covert but influential organisations are responsible for unexplained events (mysteries). So, what about the true conspiracies, as in conspiracy theories that might be true? That’s why I’m writing here to separate the “true conspiracy theories” or “conspiracy facts” from “false conspiracy theories” or “conspiracy lies.”

To find those true conspiracies, let’s look at for example the USS Liberty terrorist attack that started in 08 June 1967 during the Six-Day War. The reason this bombing was referred to as a “false conspiracy theory” was because the majority of the world believes that the Jews have always been loyal to the Americans since 1776 and the ones who did the bombing were “Egyptian and Saudi Ikhwanis” like what my brother told me. These beliefs have already been DEBUNKED YEARS BEFORE THE SIX-DAY WAR!  Alexander Emric Jones or in short, Alex Jones, the Zionist who is a leader of Infowars said that the Jews wanted to leave no evidence about war crimes against Muslims in the Six-Day War, so when they realized that the USS Liberty witnessed the crimes, they sent seven IDF forces to bomb the ship on purpose and President Lyndon Baines Johnson told the patrolling US Admiral Geiss: “I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom! NO HELP! RECALL THE WINGS!” This “conspiracy theory” caused 205 American casualties. Thirty-four murdered and 171 seriously wounded militants along with the heavily damaged military ship. The US and Israeli media agents covered up the reality of the bombing and called it an ‘accident’. Accident my ass! It is easy to see that an Egyptian Spy ship looks different and smaller than the USS Liberty. Any video or article debunking their claims is referred to as “Anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood lies.”

Another example of true conspiracies is “Donald Trump is a Freemason.” Since we know that some US Presidents like founding fathers of US and the instigator of the Native American Genocide, Andrew Jackson were Freemasons, it makes no sense to think that some US presidents like Trump aren’t Freemasons. Want another proof?

The signs are there NMH Graphics by Aidel Morshidi

Here we see Trump doing two Masonic symbols. The Illuminati Pyramid and the ‘Okay’ gesture. It is sometimes very difficult for a non-Mason to be a ruler of the United States. Any so-called opposition such as QAnon and Infowars that support Trump is either backed by the CIA and Mossad, or backed by Russian agencies.

While there are true conspiracies, sadly, the false outweigh the true when it comes to conspiracy theories. Let’s start again with Alex Jones and Infowars. He and his supporters think that Arabs are the most privileged group in US media, more privileged than Jews. That way of thinking is false because the media loves to badmouth Arabs for “lack of secularism” and “lack of support for the Jews” all in favor of Israel. An article talking about “Alex Jones and his Zionist handlers” is relevant to this because a lot of fake “Anti-Zionists” hate Arabs more than anyone. Another fact about Infowars being connected to Jews like Laura Loomer and Kaitlin Marie Bennett and Russians and Armenians that support Assad have relevance to this theory as well because a lot of Israelis, Russians, Armenians and Middle Eastern Assadists love to swallow whatever bullshit the Alt-Right like Alex Jones says.

Then we have others who make similar conspiracy theories Infowars made such as Pamela Geller, a Jewish Boomer, who co-founded “Stop Islamization of America” Initiative together with a Greek Orthodox LARPer Robert Bruce Spencer. They made bogus conspiracy theories like “Obama is a Muslim” and “Srebrenica Genocide Myth” and expressed support for the perpetrators of the Palestinian Genocide, Bosnian and Kosovar Genocide and Rohingya Genocide. Geller also agrees with Assad in the Syrian Refugee Crisis and promotes his statements about asylum-seeking being a “common terrorist weapon.” If Obama is a ‘Muslim’ like Geller stated, then why did he bomb Muslims in Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan and support the Palestinian Genocide? If anything, Geller and Spencer’s conspiracy theories are contradictory to facts about Zionist Obama and make no sense.

Finally, we get to talk about conspiracy theories concerning MH17. The journalists from RT claim that MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian “stealth fighter” and anyone who debunks the claim is an “Islamic terrorist” or an “Erdogan/Israeli propagandist.” However, since the investigations by the Dutch Safety Board were carried out, the claim was dismissed as one of the worst conspiracy theories about Malaysia in human history and some people start becoming more Anti-Putin than ever. However, I do blame Ukrainian leaders for this and I believe that the Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian media used the MH17 incident for their own political agendas, but that’s a topic for another day.

By the way, let’s not get into the 911 conspiracy theories, the internet went to town with that for years, even now.

So, are all Conspiracies false? No, but not all conspiracies are exactly true and we need to research these conspiracy theories by ourselves to find any truth in them. – New Malaysia Herald

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect the stand of the New Malaysia Herald.

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