Author Hits Back At Tommy’s Silence On Zeti, Nor

He can read the chapter on 1MDB, but the elephant in the room was not addressed


Author Romen Bose has hit back on former Pakatan Harapan (PH) appointed Attorney-General (AG) Tommy Thomas on the “Final Reckoning: An Insider’s View of The Fall of Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional Government” book review by the latter.

Romen in his Facebook posting thanked Thomas for “taking time to read despite being preoccupied with police reports filed by a former Solicitor General against his recently published memoirs for violating the Official Secrets Act (OSA), in addition to a special Government task force set up to investigate allegations made in his book”.

Thomas recently reviewed the book written by Romen titled “Final Reckoning: An Insider’s View of The Fall of Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional Government” described Romen as a Najib apologist and said anyone expecting to read an objective narrative of Najib’s government would be disappointed with this hagiography.

The former AG also said to expect anything else from someone who claims to be close to the decision making elite in the years leading to the historic general election in May 2018 would be surprising.

Laporan Kes Ambank

“Given his interest in my book and his involvement in Najib’s prosecution then, I would ask Thomas to please verify whether the alleged ‘Laporan Kes AmBank’ is authentic or not? And if it is authentic, then why action against former Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz and former cabinet minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop were not taken?

“I am perplexed as to how Thomas was able to read the chapter on 1MDB and yet fail to address the Elephant in the Room, namely the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) 2018/2019 alleged investigation paper on Zeti and Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

“This is mystifying given the fact that he was the AG when all this was alleged to have taken place,” he said.

Adding on further, Romen sarcastically said, If Thomas can’t remember or doesn’t have a copy of the alleged document, he would be very happy to avail him of a copy for his reference.

Romen pointed out that while Zeti had denied knowledge of the RM2.6 billion that was deposited into Najib’s accounts, the report stated that she had been informed by the managing director of AMMB Holdings and she was “fully aware of the transaction”.

He also described as a “convenient excuse” Thomas’ earlier comment that no investigation paper had been completed during his tenure and questioned if Malaysians were expected to believe that the MACC had not completed the investigation papers in 20 long months.

Romen said Thomas would have seen the initial investigation papers and been aware of the alleged crimes by Zeti, her husband (allegedly the owner of the accounts that received funds) and Nor Mohamed.

“Was it because Thomas and his team realised that if Najib’s defence team were to find out about the alleged investigation paper, the payoffs allegedly received from Jho Low (allegedly amounting to several hundred million dollars) would become public knowledge and throw Thomas’s ‘trial of the century’ into disarray?”

“Is Thomas afraid that if he authenticates the alleged investigation paper, that it will become obvious to all Malaysians that the AG did not have a real case and that the whole trial was a sham to disguise the political persecution of Najib Razak?” Romen asked.

Romen’s book “Final Reckoning: An Insider’s View of The Fall of Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional Government” revealed behind-the-scenes details of Najib’s administration. – New Malaysia Herald

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