Najib Mocks Kit Siang, Offers Prosperity Burger As Sympathy

Najib (left) offers prosperity burger to Kit Siang

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak mocked DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang asking the latter why he is so obsessed even on the first day of the Chinese New Year.

The Pekan MP in his Facebook posting today questioned if Kit Siang is celebrating the new year or otherwise.

“Kit Siang, why even on the first day of ‘Dong Dong Qiang’ Chinese New year, you spend time thinking, worrying and writing about me? You are not celebrating? Your grandchildren did not visit you?

“I’m worried, Please message your address. I will send a set of medium size prosperity burger to uncle through Grab,” mocked Najib.

This comes after Kit Siang questioned on the first day of the Chinese New Year if Najib will be Umno’s pick as the next prime minister, acknowledging the former leader’s influence and attempt at making a political comeback. 

The Iskandar Puteri MP, in a statement, claimed the upcoming Johor election will be a dry run for Najib in his venture to return to the country’s top post. 

Kit Siang also accused Najib of being “undoubtedly the Malaysian politician who is most-heeled financially, commanding the largest fleet of cyber troopers to mould and shape public opinion with lies and misinformation.” 

Of late, the DAP veteran has been the subject of attacks by netizens on his Facebook page whenever he posts anything about Najib, Umno or Barisan Nasional.

Lim went on to draw comparisons between Najib and former US President Donald Trump, saying both leaders share uncanny common characteristics in the way they are trying to make a political comeback. 

Like Najib, Lim said Trump has also shown interest in rising back to the top when he publicly toyed with another bid for the White House, with his political organisation announcing that it has amassed an unprecedented US$122 million war chest. 

“It has conjured a vision of a second term that would function as a tool of personal vengeance and become even more authoritarian than his first when he vowed to pardon US Capitol insurrectionists if he runs for the White House again and wins. 

“As a result, Trump and his fans already referred to him as the 45th and the 47th president,” Kit Siang said. – New Malaysia Herald

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