LETTER | Najib-Anwar Debate Could Be A MATIC Move?

Is the MATIC Move part of a plan to trounce Anwar?
While Najib trounced Anwar at the debate, could this be a strategic move by Rafizi to oust Anwar?

The MATIC Move could be the start of a realistic attempt to displace Anwar from being the Numero Uno of PKR and PH eventually

From Jonathan Ramesh Raj

Early last month, Rafizi and Najib were exchanging responses with regards to the idea of bailing out Sapura. Rafizi offered Najib a chance for a debate which Najib requested for Anwar to join in.

Anwar welcomed it and said that he would be debating for the sake of the nation. And, of course, Rafizi stood aside and allowed Anwar to take on Najib by the horns.

Fair enough, a debate between two seasoned political heavyweights. A date was set at the MATIC and much hype was created.

Came on the 12th of May and the venue was tight with an invited audience of 180 pax and with some individuals from the media.

The debate was divided into several parts with both parties given enough time to voice their opinions.

Anwar started the ball rolling on the Sapura subject stressing a lot about having a forensic audit being conducted and integrity being upheld while punishing individuals responsible for the loss at Sapura.

This went on until the end of his closing debate.

Najib on the other hand voiced his suggestions and came up with solutions. This was the same for all the subjects discussed.

In the end, should there be a winner, it would have been Najib, undisputedly.

Anwar Was Only Good With His Rhetorics

Credits to Anwar for participating but sadly his rhetorics couldn’t hold water. It was clear that Anwar couldn’t come up with solutions as he didn’t know the actual situation in Sapura.

It seems so that he took on the challenge to debate for the sake of it and also as the leader of the Opposition. It did fail badly on him.

Pretty much reminded me of what Lim Guan Eng went through while being schooled by Wee Ka Siong in a debate late last year.

Clearly, Anwar didn’t stand a chance debating with Najib. Most of us knew about it and I strongly believe Rafizi knew that too.

The MATIC Move

After the reason dismal showings of PKR in their recent state elections, there were calls for Anwar to quit and hand over the reigns to a young leader.

Rafizi popped out of nowhere after the last mauling in Johor and voiced his intentions to run for the No. 2 position in PKR.

Now, it may all sound like a conspiracy theory but I am kinda convinced that Rafizi deliberately baited Anwar into the lion’s den and to be eventually mauled him.

Rafizi is long known for his dirty strategies which even saw the fall of a prominent Menteri Besar in a meticulously planned assault which was infamously known as The Kajang Move.

Rafizi is back and he could be actually vying for the top post of PKR. By initiating strategies here and there, he is a happy camper each time Anwar displays a fallen front.

The MATIC Move could be the start of a realistic attempt to displace Anwar from being the Numero Uno of PKR and PH eventually. – New Malaysia Herald

Jonathan Ramesh Raj is a New Malaysia Herald reader. The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of the New Malaysia Herald.

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