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Influencers. How Influential Are They?

Nowadays, you can’t escape from the word “influencers” in any conventional or social media platforms. Their voice seems increasingly loud or is it just a temporary fad?

SPM Absentees: What The 10,000 Students Are Not Telling You

Attending the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) is a rite of passage for young Malaysians to make their first step into adulthood and working life. But, the announcement of 2023 SPM results caught Malaysians off guard with as many as 10,000 students absent from the titular exam. Let's dissect into this worrying phenomenon.

Najib Unfinished Business For Agong In Last Innings

Agong may free former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak from 'arbitrary detention' in the last week of January 2024!

Umno Rock Solid Future With Pakatan Harapan And Allies

Politics being numbers game remains increasingly less affected by the Malay vote bank, as Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) live and fight another day, away from ethnic-based parties!

Anwar Ibrahim Woos Malay And Opposition In Parliament

If Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has his way, the Bersatu Party for one may be politically buried long before the leaders in court are fined and jailed, and jailed further in default on the fines!

Anwar ‘caves in’ on Cabinet reshuffle and Role for Najib

Anwar 'caves in' on Cabinet reshuffle and Role for Najib . . . Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) demanding major Cabinet reshuffle and Pardon for...

Nurul vs Nurul: Adakah ‘Fenomena’ Politik Ini Bakal Terjadi?

Mempunyai watak kepimpinan yang diwarisi daripada bapa mereka, adakah 'Nurul VS Nurul' bakal menjadi kenyataan pada PRU15?

Adakah PKR Dan Pejuang Parti Politik Keluarga?

Parti politik PKR dan Pejuang umpama parti 'warisan' yang menidakkan keupayaan rakyat marhaen sebagai pemimpin utama. Adakah yang lain tidak layak sebab datang dari keluarga biasa?

Trolls, Cybertroopers And The Hydra

Facebook recently warned of the existence and proliferation of cybertroopers and trolls in Malaysia, and managed to stifle the growth. But these are the...

In Run-Up To GE15, Politicians Turn To TikTok

The short-form video sharing app, TikTok, is the most downloaded app early this year, making politicians scramble to get on the bandwagon Some five years ago...

PKR’s 16th National Congress Begins Today

The three-day event with the theme 'Menjulang Keadilan' (Upholding Justice) ends this Sunday (17 July) SHAH ALAM - The three-day Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) 16th...

Opposition Quake In Fear Amidst Talks Of Early Polls

The opposition are fearful of the Najib factor which defeated them in Melaka and Johor elections, so now they accuse him and Zahid of...

Najib-Anwar ‘Cooperation’ Takes Cue From Marcos-Duterte Landslide

Non-Malay for Anwar, Najib has Malay seats, Sabah-Sarawak up for grabs to seize reins of power! ‘Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable...

LETTER | Najib-Anwar Debate Could Be A MATIC Move?

The MATIC Move could be the start of a realistic attempt to displace Anwar from being the Numero Uno of PKR and PH eventually From...