What Crisis Will Trigger From Tajuddin’s Removal?

It is normal for someone appointed to be dropped, Puad tells Annuar Musa

Umno supreme council member Mohd Puad Zakarshi has slammed Ketereh division chief Annuar Musa on the latter’s criticism that Tajuddin Abdul Rahman’s removal as a council member could trigger a crisis.

In a statement Monday (27 June), Puad said Annuar’s criticism was baseless as many have been removed from the council.

“Tajuddin was not sacked. He was an appointed supreme council member. He was dropped to be replaced by another person. Do not tell me Annuar Musa does not understand this.

“Annuar tries to start a provocation by saying any action against Tajuddin may result in an internal party crisis.

“Crisis can happen when there is a provocateur. Dropping someone who was appointed to be replaced by another person is normal,” Puad said.

Puad, the Johor Legislative Assembly speaker, also reminded Annuar that he was also once dropped as information chief along with Ahmad Maslan and Shamsul Nasarah which did not spark any internal crisis.

“Who says Tun M has never sacked anyone? Anwar Ibrahim was sacked and he even lost the deputy president’s post.

“Annuar was quiet as a mouse when Muhyiddin sacked Tajuddin as Prasarana Chairman.

“If you go against any party decision, you deserve to be dropped and sacked. That’s real,” Puad said.

On Friday (24 June), the communications and multimedia minister said the decision to drop Tajuddin would spark a crisis in the party that may create a massive conflict.

Taking to social media, Annuar hinted that several Umno leaders have been branded as “enemies” of the leadership and more may get sacked in time.

Last week, Tajuddin, who is also Pasir Salak MP, was removed from the supreme council.

Party president Ahmad Zahid Hamid had refused to disclose details on the matter to the public. – New Malaysia Herald

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