Dramatic Rescue Of Elephant, Calf From Manhole In Thailand

Thai elephant stood guard over calf but fell into hole after being sedated

Veterinarians and park staff in Central Nakhon Nayok province pulled off a dramatic rescue of a pair of elephants in Thailand this week that saw the use of a boom lift, digger and the resuscitation of an unconscious mother by three people.

According to a Reuters report, the rescue took place during a downpour on Wednesday when a 1-year-old elephant fell into a roadside drainage hole. The distressed mother stood guard over her calf, according to national park staff, but also fell in shortly after she was sedated.

Rescuers used a truck-mounted boom lift to pull the mother out before climbing on top of her to perform simultaneous cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as a digger cleared away earth to allow the anxious calf to climb out from the slippery mud.

The calf began suckling its mother, who soon regained consciousness, and both returned immediately to the wild. –

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