European Man In Contact With Thailand’s Monkeypox Patient Sought

Authorities unsure if the man has left the country, desperately test monkeypox patient’s contacts

Thailand is racing against time in search of an European man who had reportedly engaged in physical contact with the nation’s second monkeypox patient.

According to, test results by Department of Medical Science showed a 47-year old man who was admitted to Vajira Hospital in Bangkok last week, was positive for monkeypox.

Department of Disease Control deputy director Sopon Iamsirithaworn, confirmed that the second monkeypox case had engaged in physical contact with the European.

He added that the second monkeypox case and the European man came to know each other via social media.

“We don’t know where the foreigner lives or whether he has left the country,” he said.

Other Agencies Involved

The Public Health Ministry’s disease investigation team is trying to locate the man.

The disease investigation team is in the midst of checking  CCTV camera footage and cooperate with related agencies, such as Tourist Police and embassies, to find the European.

Thai authorities were cautious about this as they believed this could be the beginning of monkeypox outbreak in Thailand.

The team is also looking out for other people who had come into contact with the patient.

Earlier, the department director-general, Opas Karnkawinpong, said they were conducting tests on 10 people linked with the second monkeypox patient.

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