40 Swim From Cambodia To Vietnam To Escape Abusive Employer

Malaysians among those conned by human traffickers for lucrative offers in Cambodia

Dozens of casino workers in Cambodia, said to have been forced to work without pay, swam to Vietnam in a bid to escape their abusive employers.

The 35 men and five women were being held in Vietnam to verify their identities. They were earlier rescued by Vietnamese border guards in the An Giang Province.

They were reported to have fought off with security guards with one was reported missing after being swept away by the current.

“These people might have been here working illegally,” Cambodian Interior Minister Sar Kheng told reporters.

He was quoted as saying that these victims were promised salaries that never came.

Beaten Up

One of the victims told authorities that casino security guards beat them up with batons and iron rods when they tried to flee.

“Our four months there was like hell,” the victim told VnExpress but she managed to jump into the river and swam for her life.

It was reported that multiple nationalities have been tricked into working in Cambodia with promises of attractive salaries but ended up working in casinos and other places without being paid.

Malaysians were also among them, with more than 60 cases of Malaysians still waiting to be rescued.

It was reported in July that the Malaysian embassy in Cambodia had rescued 46 Malaysians said to have been duped into taking up lucrative job offers overseas.

The syndicates attracted victims via social networking sitrs such as Facebook, with offers of high-paying jobs.

These Malaysian often end up as tele-marketers to scam people around the world.

Those wanting to go home were forced to pay a ransom for their release. – Agencies

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