We are back baby!

“Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice.”

When we went down late last year, I thought it was time to hang up the hat on New Malaysia Herald. You see New Malaysia Herald, or NMH as it’s fondly known came up as an idea to bring a newer style of news to the volume of noise in mainstream and alternate media. We wanted to bring to readers what was on their mind, rather than what the online media wanted to tell them. We wanted questions answered. We wanted to show that there there are diffent points of view.

Then late last year it came crashing down. We were hit with first a DDOS attack and a malware. Unlike many funded sites out there, NMH is a self funded site that mostly runs on a smell of an oily rag. So it was quite upsetting that I had to shut down the site.

Despite huge calls to bring the site back up, I took the time to look at how we can do better. So, NMH hibernated through Melborne autumn and winter through a restructing process.

NMH Logo Full

So what is new ?

New Malaysia Herald has undergone a massive rebranding and revamp. We have a new logo.

We were previously hosted with Siteground. We felt that while Siteground provides great service, it wasn’t suitable for an aspiring media startup that needs to scale. We have now moved to Hostinger, with a top tier plan. We now have a massive boost in bandwidth and the content delivery network that news sites needs to grow.

NMH will soon have it’s own Discord server. So, no thank you Facebook, you can’t block our posts anymore. The NMH Discord channel will be free to join where everyone is free do share and discuss our posts.

There are plans for video and podcast content. There will be job and advertisement sites. These are big plans. NMH is moving forward because it’s our choice to be a global news media startup. Serving Malaysians all across the world from Melbourne, Australia.

So come join us. Share your thoughts and views. We would love to hear them. If you would like to join our team, wherever you are, please contact us contact@newmalaysiaherald.com

We are excited to be back and we are excited to bring you better content from all around the world.

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