To End Najib Razak’s Political Career, LHDN Was ‘Weaponised’

Three offsprings of former Prime Minister Najib Razak talked about his various court cases, his days in prison and what are their wishes for him now, in a packed #DemiNajib gathering in the city capital Saturday night

KUALA LUMPUR – The unity government has been called upon not to act like the previous administration which was only focused on imprisoning former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak without according him justice as in the due processes of the law, said the former Premier’s son, Datuk Mohd Nazifuddin (Nazif) at the Suara Demi Najib gathering on Saturday evening.

Nazif, his brother Datuk Mohamad Nizar (Nizar) and sister Nooryana Najwa (Yana), together with some 500 Najib supporters packed the hall of the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman in Kampung Bahru here to get updates on their beloved leader and the cases that he have been slapped with.

“Until today, I am unable to accept the actions of the authorities towards my father. My dad has been imprisoned in Kajang for 430 days because he was not given justice in the fight to clear his name in court.

Why Was Najib Imprisoned?

Datuk Nazifuddin Najib speaking at the DemiNajib gathering on Saturday NMH pic

“I still don’t understand why my father was imprisoned. What was his fault and crime? For being a Menteri Besar, a Minister, Deputy Prime Minister before finally becoming Prime Minister, but at the end, because of the RM42 million SRC International case (of which the trial was not even properly conducted) he was sent packing to jail?” asked Nazif, who is currently the Head of UMNO Langkawi Division.

“Why is Datuk Najib subjected to this IRB (Inland Revenue – LHDN) charge? There were two purposes: when we lost in GE-14, there were eight charges designed to make him look bad, but another weapon was used to bring down and make sure he is not spared the full brunt of whatever loophole there is – the IRB weapon.

“LHDN has become a weapon to kill Datuk Najib’s political career. If he is not successfully imprisoned, then they can charge him with the LHDN clause. The second goal is also to give the impression that the Najib family does not pay taxes.”

Nazif said that every year he pays his taxes, so did his father. What about my brother Nizar? He was an accountant, for heaven’s sake, taxes is one thing he pays diligently. (Editor’s note: To date, almost every member of Najib’s family, including his wife Datin Seri Rosmah, has been slapped with exorbitant fines from LHDN of which the LHDN clause states that when one is fined, the amount has to be settled in full before bringing it to court to dispute the fines imposed. Once you are unable to pay the fines, bankruptcy charges will be imposed for the government to recoup the amount from the offender.)

Clause In LHDN Abused

“But the power of LHDN can be abused. Imagine having to pay RM1billion in taxes? Is this justice? Realistically, if a former Prime Minister is deprived of such rights, what about the ordinary citizens?” he asked, and urged the authorities to do what is morally right and not to further deprive his father of his rights to due justice.

His brother Nizar said that Najib has been in politics for more than 46 years, thus it is impossible that his father did not contribute to the people and played his part in developing this country.

“As a family, we will not stop fighting until he is released, but we call on all of you to fight for him together with us,” said the State Assemblyman for Pramu Jaya and concurrently the Exco of the Pahang State Government.

“We don’t ask supporters to roll on the streets or overturn cars, but we want everyone to share about his legacy. If we as a family act as storytellers, that’s to be expected, but when it comes from the people, it’s amazing,” he said emotionally.

“Like today, it rained heavily, but that did not prevent you from attending this gathering because you all love Datuk Seri Najib. Our family is actually not only touched, but very grateful to all of you. We are privileged to have you continue this struggle with us,” he said.

He added that although Najib is currently in prison and far away from his family and his supporters, his mind and spirit will always be with the people.

Najib Is Strong In Spirit

Datuk Nizar Najib speaking at the DemiNajib gathering on Saturday NMH pic

“My father is healthy, strong in spirit, can still smile and he spends a lot of time doing many things including learning more about the religion, exercising, reading and studying for his PhD,” he said.

Echoing her brother Nizar, Yana said that after 14 months in prison, what her father cannot accept most is being away from his family and the people, especially his supporters.

Speaking with emotion and occasionally with a tightness in her voice, Yana, who has just delivered Najib’s first granddaughter said her father is in prison not due to wrongdoings, but rather the failure of the legal processes to accord him a proper defence.

“In the past, daddy (Najib) was busy every day, and I once asked him why daddy is so busy compared to fathers of other friends at school? Why not work as a professional instead of being a politician?

Can Help Millions Of People

Nooryana Najib speaking at the DemiNajib gathering on Saturday NMH pic

“He replied that if he is a professional with a degree, he can only help 10 people, but as a politician, he can help millions of people at one time. Such is his character who always puts the people first,” said the Puteri UMNO Exco.

Yana, who is also the head of the Puteri UMNO Lembah Pantai division, continued that Najib’s ‘oxygen’ is the people and as long as he was a member of Parliament, even before his peak as Prime Minister, he worked at transforming and empowering people’s lives.

She said that everytime she visits him in prison, his only thought was about the people.

“Every time we visit him, that’s what he’ll ask. Do the people have enough to eat, did the costs of living go up, how are they getting by, and much more.

“So do we want to let Datuk Najib continue to be unfairly persecuted?” she asked.

The DemiNajib gathering was jointly organised by the Madani Wasatiyyah Academy and Team NR with the tagline: “We Stand By You”. – NMH

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