Take A Stroll Through A Majestic Redwood Forest That’s 90 Minutes Away From Melbourne

Drive east of Warburton and feel both humbled and spellbound by the towering natural wonders of Cement Creek Redwood Forest.

two people walking among the tall trees in the Redwood Forest east of Warburton
Image: Tourism Australia/Visit Victoria

You don’t need to fly to California to see a stunning Redwood Forest. Take a drive east of Warburton, within Yarra Ranges National Park, and explore a serene forest filled with colossal redwood trees. The first trees in this area are now over 90 years old, and some stretch as high as 55 metres.

After major upgrades to Cement Creek Road Bridge, you can once again drive to the Redwood Forest carpark. Escape the summer heat and take a stroll in the dappled light of this enchanting forest. As this forest can get quite busy, consider visiting in the middle of the week, or early in the morning, to truly take it all in.

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Redwood Forest in Yarra Ranges National Park

Vehicle access to the forest was previously delayed by flooding in 2022. Before the bridge was restored, the only way to see the Redwood Forest was to walk or ride your bike on a 16km round trip via the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail.

The first Californian Redwoods were planted in Yarra Ranges National Park as part of a hydrology experiment in the 1930s. These trees can live for over 2000 years, and stretch up to 115 metres, making them the tallest trees in the world. While the trees in the Cement Creek Redwood Forest aren’t so old, they’re still a sight to behold. There’s almost 1500 evergreen trees for you to admire.

Perfect for visiting all year round, you’ll find tranquil walking trails under the forest canopy. If you follow Cement Creek to where it meets the Yarra River, you’ll also find lush native vegetation like Eucalypt trees and ferns. As you meander through the forest in spring, listen out for the chirps of fairy wrens and yellow robins. In summer, you’ll also find native orchids, Monarch Butterflies and Grey Headed Flying Foxes.

Cement Creek Flowing Among Ferns Near Redwood Forest
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You’re welcome to relax on the lawn with a picnic, however, please note that there aren’t any actual picnic tables or shelters available. Remember to take your rubbish with you out of respect for these dreamy woodlands. There are also no toilets on site, and dogs aren’t permitted to come along.

While you’re in the area, check out other incredible sites like Rainforest Gallery and Mount Donna Buang.

If you’re keen for more, you could also drive out to a delightful redwood forest that’s nestled in the Otways.

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