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Influencers. How Influential Are They?

Nowadays, you can’t escape from the word “influencers” in any conventional or social media platforms. Their voice seems increasingly loud or is it just a temporary fad?

SPM Absentees: What The 10,000 Students Are Not Telling You

Attending the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) is a rite of passage for young Malaysians to make their first step into adulthood and working life. But, the announcement of 2023 SPM results caught Malaysians off guard with as many as 10,000 students absent from the titular exam. Let's dissect into this worrying phenomenon.

Senarai Calon BN Memaparkan Perubahan – Muka Baru, Pertukaran Kawasan

Gelombang Biru dengan tema BN 'Kestabilan dan Kemakmuran' telah menggegarkan Dewan Tun Hussein di Pusat Dagangan Dunia (WTC) semalam dengan semangat juang yang tinggi demi rakyat dan negara.

Budget 2023: The Filmmakers Speaketh

Just as cinema, by itself, is made up of many genres and languages, including silent, the reactions to the recent unveiling of Budget 2023 have been rather mixed. Let's look at what some have to say...

Bajet 2023: Apa Pendapat Wanita Melayu?

Bajet 2023 merupakan bajet mesra wanita dan dikatakan juga memberikan kelebihan kepada bumiputera, terutamanya dari Sabah dan Sarawak. NMH membawakan kepada anda apa kata empat orang wanita Melayu berkenaan bajet tersebut yang baru lepas dibentangkan kelmarin.

Election Budget? So What, As Long As We Benefit From It!

A WOW and a very well-thought-out budget which includes representation from various sectors of the economy and all walks of life.

Zafrul Evaded ‘Big Picture’ In Budget’23, ‘Speech’ For The Rich

Zafrul had a long readout of allocations -- or goodies -- which could have been attached to his Budget 2023 Speech.

Budget 2023: E-Pemula Credit Increased, Gov’t To Pay E-Hailing Licence Fee

Reactions have been mixed regarding the E-Pemula increase announcement KUALA LUMPUR -- Two million youths aged 18 to 20, and full-time students aged 21 and...

Budget 2023: An Election Budget With All The Goodies

Despite the government taking a cautious approach to a "challenging" 2023 due to political tensions, rising global inflation, tightening financial conditions, and supply chain disruptions, with GE15 in the cards, the citizens will benefit from the Budget allocations

Budget 2023 Tabled By Finance Minister Focuses On Equilibrium

Budget 2023: Malaysia banks on strong fundamentals, reforms amid external headwinds.

Impian Tercapai Kerana Azam Yang Kental

Walaupun tewas untuk mencapai impian pada suatu ketika, memberanikan diri untuk terus pandang ke hadapan telah membawa hasil kepada usahawan ini Halida Mohd Daud, yang...

Tengku Zafrul Is New Selangor BN Treasurer, Jamal Now Comms Director

Tengku Zafrul's appointment is a strategy to win in the next general election SHAH ALAM - Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz is...

In Run-Up To GE15, Politicians Turn To TikTok

The short-form video sharing app, TikTok, is the most downloaded app early this year, making politicians scramble to get on the bandwagon Some five years ago...

Prosperity Tax To Help Ease Financial Burden – Tengku Zafrul

Not the time to increase tax rates as economy still recovering but prosperity tax helps The one-off collection of prosperity tax this year is expected...