DAP needs to apologise to Orang Asli for threats

MCA stated that DAP has to apologise and retract threats made against Orang Asli by the party’s various component partners.

MCA Vice President, Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker said that the DAP advisor needs to accept the responsibility for the controversy offending the Orang Asli.

He added to add insult to injury from the comment, the party’s candidate M. Manogaran further offended them by claiming Malays do not buy Orang Asli delicacies.

While PKR has since apologies for the behaviour of Bob Manolan, M. Manogaran arrogantly downplays the Bob Manolan incident.

As such MCA urges Kit Siang to apologise to the Orang Asli community and push M. Manogaran to retract his offending statement. 

Pakatan Harapan has been feeling the heat of the Cameron Highlands by election as various members of the coalition have been making unwarranted statements against Orang Asli. Pakatan Harapan election staff too had be photographed offering bribes to Orang Asli community.

While Barisan Nasional candidate’s seat was declared vacant following offering of monetary tokens by third party during the last general elections. However the Electoral Committee now has claimed that it was acceptable to provide tokens to lower income community. – New Malaysia Herald

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