DAP’s obsession with Najib is a fight for relevance

Former prime minister Najib Razak asked last week in a Facebook post why Lim Kit Siang was “obsessed” with him. So much so he dubbed Kit Siang as “Minister of Najib Affairs” or MoNA.

DAP’s adviser and leader over the decades, attacks anything and everything that Najib does and it’s not as if people haven’t noticed. 

With over nine months since being the dominant party that calls the shots in Pakatan Harapan, things haven’t been good.

Malaysians are increasingly impatient and aware that the new government is incompetent at best and had almost caused a racial riot by forcing ICERD without even bothering to initiate discussion with the public.

The result was a rally of nearly a million and a half Malaysian Malays who took to the street, peacefully, to show their dissatisfaction. But Kit Siang’s response has been to attack Najib personally. 

The Chinese dominated party’s adviser whose obsession with BN leaders goes back decades.

As a long time opposition member he authored many books on the scandals under Mahathir Mohammad’s previous reign which reportedly cost more than 200 billion RM. 

Kit Siang managed to do with the Chinese what Mahathir did with the Malays during his previous tenure of 22 years; create the “ketuanan” or lordship over the Malays.

So Kit Siang created a need for a Chinese lordship. 

He did this by telling the Chinese that they were losing benefits of being Malaysians. He told them they lacked equal rights as Malaysians. He attacked every policy under the Barisan Nasional government and especially that from MCA.

For someone who claims that DAP is a multicultural party he was obsessed with MCA. He preyed on the Chinese fear, gave them uncertainty and promised them death if they don’t act.

By building a party of hatred he managed to bring 90% of the Chinese voters to DAP’s side. The Chinese were convinced that Barisan Nasional could do no right. The party’s hardline supporters can be seen on social media being absolutely rude and distasteful as their leaders with Malays being on the receiving end of their hate.

But therein lies the problem. If you build a party with a single focus of hate, to be relevant you have to keep the hate going. DAP personally attacked everything about Najib from Altantuya to 1MDB and managed to convince everyone that Najib “stole” RM 42 billion.

The hatred of “kleptocracy” and 1MDB brought Barisan Nasional down but Kit Siang has to keep going. DAP has no policies to govern and it shows it their lacklustre performance. DAP it seems is incapable of moving Malaysia in the right direction and Kit Siang knows this.

The public has noticed that every time there is a problem, 1MDB get’s brought up. The latest being the Cameron Highlands by-election where the entire campaign machinery was used against one man – Najib. 

To be relevant, DAP has to think beyond Najib. Something that Kit Siang is unwilling to do. Meanwhile Najib’s popularity is increasing by the day. Unlike Kit Siang, Najib is a diplomat and a polished politician that has earned him respect even from those who previously didn’t vote for him. Kit Siang and few other high profile leaders like his son even lack the support overseas. China for one has blocked the pair from entering the country as the pair claimed that China is corrupt. 

Add to this the fact that DAP is a Chinese dominated party that keeps its multiculturalism to the bare minimum. It needs to be relevant to only the Chinese. If it can’t, the support will cease. Ninety percent support from the Chinese community will not win it the next general election nor it will do the community any favours if race relations continue to disintegrate.

Nine months after GE14, people have come to expect that DAP is only capable of blame and personal attacks but not governance. Everyone but Kit Siang and his DAP see it.

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