AmBank branch manager confirms Arab donation into Najib’s account

Najib Razak at one point had over a RM 1 billion in his account. The information was revealed during the cross-examination of R. Uma Devi, AmBank branch manager from the Jalan Raja Chulan branch.

Najib’s counsel Harvinderjit Singh cross-examined her the entire day and established that Najib had opened a current account in 2011 knowing that a ‘foreign amount’ was coming in.

An amount of USD620 million was mentioned. Uma Devi also confirmed the money came from Prince Turki and Ministry of Finance in Riyadh. She confirmed there was reporting done to Bank Negara Malaysia on the amount. 

Uma confirmed that Najib had corresponded with the bank in 2013 when he was closing the account that he was returning the unutilised donation/personal gift in a single transfer. Uma also confirmed from the bank’s perspective that the amount received was a donation

While Adel al-Jubeir had confirmed on interviews multiple occasions of the said donation to Najib for political purposes, Pakatan Harapan parties, namely the Chinese dominated DAP often played up the “Arab donation” as a political gimmick.

Even the current prime minister Mahathir Mohammed had said the “world knew better” on the RM2.6b donation. “When you move money, there must be records. You can’t move billions of dollars without any record. When money moves between banks, even cheques, there must be records,” he claimed.

While Najib had released documentation on social media that the monies received from the Saudi government was a donation, it was not until today that it was confirmed by AmBank officials on cross examination during the SRC International’s trial that it was flagged as such.

Revelations during Najib’s trials further cement with the Malaysian public how much misinformation that was used before and during the last general election by Pakatan Harapan. Less than one year after the surprising election win, a poll done by Merdeka Centre showed that Pakatan Harapan’s popularity had plunged to 39 per cent compared to 66 per cent last August.

The same survey showed Najib’s popularity had surged despite the charges against him, especially among working-class Malaysians.

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