Despite Being Smashed At 2 State Polls, PH Remain Arrogant

Election flags at Cameron Highlands
PH is still egoistic despite heavy losses in two state elections

The coalition is so egoistic despite getting shamefully slapped by voters in Melaka and Sarawak in the recent state polls

By Narinder Pal Singh

It is high time the leaders of PKR and Pakatan Harapan (PH) accept the fact that the public is generally just sick and tired of their antics.

The writing on the wall cannot be clearer. The leaders in PKR and PH are either totally too ignorant or just being arrogant to accept their declined popularity.

They sound so egoistic these days despite getting shamefully slapped by voters in Melaka and Sarawak in the recent state polls.

And yet they can’t secure an understanding among themselves whether they should stand under a single PH umbrella or go separate ways.

PKR’s decision to use its own logo speaks volumes of the fact that the party is on the verge of breaking ties with DAP.

PKR knows well that without the Malay votes they are doomed. And it can only get worse if it keeps clinging on to DAP.

Being Inconsistent

Voters may throw their support behind Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) in Johor as a protest towards PKR for being inconsistent with its stand.

PKR is digging not only its own grave but has happily done so for the entire PH.

On the other hand, DAP also risks losing all the earlier seats it had won thanks to Malay votes.

This time around, the voters may not see the benefits of casting for DAP.

As for the first time young voters, I doubt it will make much difference.

They may well vote for Umno/BN as the opposition has hardly done them any favour during the 22 months rule.

They don’t have any good reason to reject Umno/BN.

On the contrary, they may benefit far more under Umno/BN as many are struggling with their education loans.

I think it would be wiser for Johoreans to vote Umno/BN for a stable state government and send a stinging message to the opposition.

It’s not that I personally favour Umno/BN, but what is the point of voting opposition parties that are already in tatters even before the games begin?

The logo imbroglio shows how confused and incoherent the opposition pact had become.

The public should not suffer further. We are already in hardship. – New Malaysia Herald

Disclaimer: Narinder Pal Singh is a New Malaysia Herald reader. This is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of the New Malaysia Herald

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