Najib Has New Legal Team For Appeal In Federal Court

Shafee & Co is still the solicitor and counsel for other cases involving Najib in the Malaysian courts

Former prime minister Najib Razak has appointed Messrs Zaid Ibrahim, Suflan, TH Liew & Partners as solicitors for his SRC appeal together with Hisyam Teh as his lead counsel and other co-counsels.

In a media statement, Najib said that the change of lawyers came about after Jonathan Laidlow QC was not admitted to appear for him and after consulting with lawyers in Singapore and Indian Senior Advocates on the matter, the appointment was made effective yesterday (Sunday).

Najib expresses confidence that the new team that has been assembled will bring different perspectives to his defence.

The charge of conflict of interest is a serious one both for the judge and the litigants.

The application is filed in court in that regard. Najib does not want to comment on the issue as the matter is now pending before the Federal Court

He went on to state that the previous solicitor in the SRC appeal Shafee and Co. and the former counsel Muhammad Shafee bin Abdullah continue as the solicitor and counsel in all other cases involving Najib that is currently before the Malaysian courts.

Najib wishes to express his support and appreciation to his entire legal team for their continuing commitment and effort in ensuring he is given a fair trial.

He also wishes to state that it is unfair for media to conclude or report that Shafee and Co has been “evicted” or “ditched”.

He joins many others in their confidence that the Malaysian legal system and legal processes will prove his innocence and provide the justice, that all Malaysians deserve in law. – New Malaysia Herald

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