LETTER | Judiciary – One Shocking Revelation After Another And The World Watches

A judiciary cannot exist without the trust and confidence of the people. Judges must, therefore, be held accountable for legal and ethical standards – R S Thanenthiran

Judges make rulings on the law, and the public must believe that these rulings come from competent, lawful, ethical, and independent judicial officers. Therefore, improper or demeaning behaviour outside the courtroom by a member of the judiciary can also be an issue that may lead to the dismissal of a case.

I would like to bring to light a portion of the article written by retired judge Datuk Hamid Sultan Abu Backer on 02 September 2023 which came as an extreme shock to all of us!


“For instance, I had the misfortune of knowing one member of the legal industry who confessed to purchasing a kidney from a poor young Tamil Muslim from Sri Lanka, where the transplant was performed. I am not sure if it is proper for such a person to continue serving in the legal industry, but it was indeed traumatic news to me.

“I raise this point to demonstrate how unethical members of the legal industry can behave even in their personal lives.”……..

We believe the judge in question to be a justice whose inhumane ghastly action is well-known to all the clerks and staff who served under the person’s office at that time.

Irresponsible Judiciary

Could it be one of the quorum judges in Najib’s SRC case? If this is found to be true, then Datuk Seri Najib Razak should be freed immediately for all the injustice incurred upon him by irresponsible judiciary officers!

After so many reports of “conflict of interest”, leaked memos, denial of time for defence, etc had fallen onto deaf ears, this is by far the most unacceptable demeanour of the judiciary!

Even two months after the write up by Datuk Hamid Sultan Abu Backer, no action nor any denial statement was given by the AG , justice department or the government. Such a big revelation cannot be swept under the carpet anymore, a person’s life is at stake here!

Malaysians must stand up to voice for ethics & clean law in our country in order to prevent similar situation happening to any common citizen of Malaysia.

As much as the world is against human trafficking and organ sales, this is indeed the most shocking news ever. Therefore, we urge the police and the immigration department to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations.

If the facts are found to be true, we also urge the YDP Agong to exercise his full powers under Article 300 to suspend the judgment of the SRC case against (DS) Najib.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight the inhumane manner in which DS Najib was treated when his defence lawyer, Datuk Hisyam Teh Poh Teik had to cease defending DS Najib because he was denied the time requested to study the case first.

This is a blatant abuse of power and disrespect for the law, which guarantees every individual the right to a fair trial. The defence team should have immediately sought a habeas corpus.

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Its high time judicial officers stop believing that they are above the law by shamelessly keeping mum on important matters to save their own skin!

Further RCI on Tommy Thomas has been approved by the Cabinet, but till today, the panel members have yet to be appointed!Is this another continued form of denial of justice for DS Najib?

Beware….The rakyat is watching! The world is watching! – NMH

Datuk Seri R.S.Thanenthiran
Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party

Datuk Thanenthiran reads the New Malaysia Herald.

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