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Enough of the opposition drama that has lost its plot a long time ago

By Narinder Pal Singh

BN will definitely win big in the Johor state polls coming 12 March.

Opposition parties are scattered all over with no clue and clear leaders.

They have even failed to explain their manifesto and have no inkling as to who could be the next Menteri Besar if they indeed win.

The rakyat is plainly sick and tired of the inconsistencies displayed by the opposition camp.

And to further spoil the soup, Syed Saddiq’s MUDA, the newcomer into politics, may eventually cause more problems to Pakatan Harapan (PH) and PKR.

Giving MUDA up to six seats to contest on a silver platter by DAP and Amanah could spell the death knell for them.

There is no doubt that BN/UMNO has an advantage for being more resilient, consistent and above all persistent with their plans to bring stability and confidence to the rakyat.

On the other hand PH and PKR are by day seen to lose focus and capability to lead the nation.

The rakyat wants assurance that those coming into power from now onwards will be able to hold the fort with greater stability and cohesion.

We don’t need another chaotic alliance of political parties that form a government, be it at federal or state levels.

The 2018 general election outcome and its consequences of making PH the government has only been a bitter experience for all of us.

It will be a disastrous gamble to put a vote for the opposition as they can’t even decide on a common party logo for the Johor election.

And the Larkin seat imbroglio speaks volumes on how much a younger party respected the voice of veterans from PH and PKR.

If they could not even resolve the clash in Larkin amicably, how can the voters expect them to address more serious and intricate issues if given the mandate.

And despite losing in Melaka and Sarawak heavily,  looks like the opposition parties have not learned anything.

They only have one issue – the court “cluster”, which has no more momentum and traction with the public.

It’s high time a stable government is voted in.

Enough of the opposition drama that has lost its plot a long time ago. – New Malaysia Herald

Narinder Pal Singh is a New Malaysia Herald reader. This is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of the New Malaysia Herald

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