The Reasons Why Najib Must Lead The Country Again

If Najib succeeds in the abuse of power case, the 3rd bid against AG Thomas, the remaining criminal cases can only be dropped.
If Najib succeeds in the abuse of power case, the 3rd bid against AG Thomas, the remaining criminal cases can only be dropped.

“You don’t like this topic because it’s about Najib? Well, too bad for you. If you think your opinions matter, so do ours,” said lawyer and social activist, Kamarudin Ahmad in this first of a two-part article.

I am one of those who can only see hope for the country if a tried and tested prime minister in the form of Najib Razak can bring forth his transformation programmes again to boost the country’s standings. And I have every reason to believe that there are many who share the same view. Let me give you the reasons.

The Sapura Debacle

Malaysians are watching closely the war of words between Najib and Rafizi over the latest issue of “Saving Sapura Energy.” It all started with Najib calling PNB or PETRONAS to rescue Sapura Energy from being wound up. Out of nowhere, Rafizi emerged from his hideout and shot down Najib’s proposal in the typical PH style that has wreaked havoc to the Malaysian economy during 22 months of mismanagement by the PH Government.

Rafizi continues the VENDETTA CULTURE of PH whenever a proposal comes from Najib. This vendetta against Najib started the moment the latter became Prime Minister in 2009. The vendetta that closed a blind eye to all the infrastructures developed during the Najib administration: MRT, Pan Borneo Highway, UTC Centres, High Speed Rail, ECRL and many more. And the only issue that Rafizi keeps harping on is the stale, worn out subject of 1MDB.

It is clear that in this Sapura Energy issue, Najib is being constructive while in contrast, Rafizi is being destructive. This is the quality that Malaysians see in Najib as a responsible constructive leader. One of the many reasons why Najib must come back to lead the country.

Of Najib And The Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Najib has been making calls to the gov’t to provide assistance to the ordinary people. Malaysia’s sixth Prime Minister saw the sufferings that those in the middle and lower income groups were going through. Thus came the proposal for EPF to allow withdrawal of funds by their depositors as well as moratorium on payments of loans to financial institutions. Despite resistance by the Minister of Finance, in the end the Federal gov’t accede to the humanitarian proposal by Najib .. again another good reason why Najib must come back.

The Loud Message From The Johor Election

It was an astounding victory for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the recent Johor State Election, thanks to the powerful BN election machinery. But there is another bigger reason for the victory: Najib. The NAJIB FACTOR played a big role in driving the swing of votes to BN. The swing amongst the Chinese voters booted DAP out in three of their strongholds: namely in Yong Peng, Paloh and Pekan Nenas. Wherever Najib went, he was mobbed by the Chinese community. He was given a hero’s welcome that in the past years were reserved for the likes of Lim Kit Siang and DAP stalwarts. Many local observers said that even Lim Guan Eng or Tian Chua could not get a welcome as tremendous as Najib.

The question is why the big change of attitude amongst the Chinese community towards Najib? The answer lies in the nine years that Najib served as PM. The nine years that saw economic growth, that saw Bursa Malaysia skyrocketted to its highest level, the Ringgit remaining strong, investors from China and Middle East pumping billions to the economy. During his time too, the country experienced the longest bull run in the world, only to end when PH took over the economy!

Malaysians earned a good life during Najib’s days as PM. No cases of people hoisting a white flag for food. No cases of people committing suicide due to poor economy. Under the PH and PN gov’ts, many people became poor, many lost their jobs and closed down their business.

With this gloomy background, the people see Najib as a saviour, confidence in Najib’s ability to bring back the good old days. For the sake of Malaysia, Najib must come back.

Penang Business Summit

It came as a shock to DAP when Najib was given a red-carpet welcome for his keynote address at the Penang International Business and Investment Summit (PIBIS). Penang is the heartland of DAP and it’s a slap in their face when the Summit organisers picked Najib instead of Minister of Finance to deliver the keynote address, a clear indication that the corporate world has high regard for Najib’s economic policies, especially the Economic Transformation Policy.

The Chinese community gave Najib a heros welcome in Penang

It was Najib who introduced the GST as a countermeasure against falling world oil prices. The country earned RM 20 billion annually from the GST. Sadly, the PH Government abolished GST when Lim Guan Eng was Minister of Finance. The adverse effects on the economy can be seen until today caused by the loss of RM 20 bilion annual revenue, among others. Demonstrations were organised by DAP against Najib’s presence in Penang, but the group in support of Najib was much bigger and louder than the few DAP demonstrators. DAP should learn to read the writings on the wall – Penangites are fed up with DAP vendetta-style politics. They are longing for Najib’s development-based politics.

Tycoon’s Phobia Of “Malu Apa Bossku”

Malaysians had another round of entertainment when businessman Lee Kim Yew (LKY) lodged a report with SPR on the MALU APA BOSSKU slogan, coined by Najib’s multiracial supporters who believe in his innocence despite the politically-motivated court cases against him. The then Attorney General Tommy Thomas practised selective prosecutions against UMNO and BN leaders while many PH leaders and supporters have their criminal charges dropped.

It is on this premise that Najib supporters believed that Najib should not be ashamed of the charges filed against him as Najib is a victim of selective prosecution.

Obviously, LKY being a strong Mahathir supporter will not share the same view as Najib supporters, thus the big hulabaloo on MALU APA BOSSKU. In any case, LKY raised his objection on the ground that the slogan is against some aspect of Islamic teachings. Since when is LKY familiar with Islamic teachings?

The irony is that LKY lodged the report with SPRM, while in fact it should be lodged with the religious authorities since it is supposedly against Islamic teachings. It is not under the purview of SPRM to look into matters of Islamic teachings. LKY should be ashamed for making a mockery of himself. Obviously he failed to appreciate that we live in a democratic system and the people are free to express themselves. The slogan MALU APA BOSSKU will continue to haunt LKY and all other Mahathir/PH supporters.

Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?

Najib came clean with the Chinese community that he never uttered these words which literally mean “What more do the Chinese want now?” as alleged by the PH leaders. These words were coined by PH opposition supporters just to arouse the anger of the Chinese community when he was PM. Knowing Najib with his “1MALAYSIA” policy, it is impossible that Najib uttered words that single out a community. The very objective of 1MALAYSIA is to promote racial harmony. It’s unthinkable that Najib would do anything that would prejudice this policy.

Farewell Uncle Lim, Welcome Back Najib

Lim Kit Siang retired from the political arena after many years of serving DAP. The retirement came after the setback faced by DAP at the Johor State Election. The new generation of Malaysians are tired of the politics of hatred, racially divisive politics practised by the leaders of DAP. It thus came with a sigh of relief hearing the news of Lim Kit Siang’s retirement.

In contrast, the people look forward to Najib making a come back to Putrajaya. With nine years of a sound track record as PM, it’s not a surprise, nor impossible, for Najib to return, and we wait for that day to come.

Do look out for Part 2 where I will share with you Najib’s diplomatic principles, the inflow of FDIs and more of his transformation policies. No, I have never worked in Najib’s administration or in the Prime Minister’s office, but I am an identifier of what the country needs. – New Malaysia Herald

About the writer: Kamarudin Ahmad is a social activist and a lawyer by profession and occasionally writes for the New Malaysia Herald (NMH). The points expressed in this article are that of the writer’s and do not necessarily reflect the stand of NMH.

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